Thank Goodness

Today is Friday, the first Friday in Autumn, my favorite season. I treated myself to a dirty chai this morning and while standing in line waiting to order I realized this one thing.

I’m so thankful I don’t have a Texas accent. 

I’m so overwhelmingly thankful I don’t have one. 

I spent my life growing up in Southern New Mexico where Texas was placed on a very high pedestal, for everything. I spent a large portion of my 29 years wanting so badly to have that Texas accent. If I had it, “it” would have all just clicked and life would have made sense and been perfect, or so I had thought. It’s been along time since I’ve thought about these things but this morning I felt this overwhelming sense of thankfulness for the mere fact I didn’t have that accent.

It’s funny how badly we can want or strive for things that ultimately make no difference in our lives, perhaps it’s the Universes way of helping us see what is really important and what’s not. There was a period of my life when I thought there was nothing higher to achieve than living outside Austin, TX, having a graduate degree + the nice car, and that dang accent. Boy, have the times changed. I’m so grateful for my rough and tumble life experience that led me far away from that 16 year old dream, which now is s o laughable to me as I wait for my coffee on Friday morning.

Little reminders like this are so life-giving to me, it was like this nudge saying “you’re alright kid, you’re right where you need to be”. Which to be frank is hard to know as an adult – it’s fucking hard to know if you’re doing all the right things, if you’re heading down the right path, if you made all the best/right decisions. It sucks, adulting can suck so I’ll take all the little nudges I can.

As the seasons change and we are at the Autumn Equinox it’s natures way of reminding us to slow down, to re-envision and to re-energize our goals and our life. I always find the start of this season to be the perfect time to set my intent for myself, to incubate seedlings of growth that I hope will flourish come Spring. I’m grateful for the person in front of me today ordering their coffee with their Texas accent, I’m grateful for the memory of how much I wanted one, I’m grateful that I never got what I thought I wanted, I got so, so much more than that.


I’ve been blogging more frequently over here at From Good Intentions, it’s a shared creative space that I think you might enjoy. It’s alot less heavy and messy then this space, my space 🙂 I’m reserving this little corner to share lots of my real talk ideas, lots of my thoughts that get mulled around in my mind for too long and need words to attach too. Today, on FGI I shared 4 Autumn Rituals you can do to both enjoy the season and invite Autumn into your home and life.


All the love,

XO,  Jane

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