In my kitchen with 1905 Magazine.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve had a monthly drink/food feature in a brand new online magazine called 1905 Magazine. I thought I’d share the a peek into the featured recipes.


1st up in the January issue (page 57) // Home-made Ginger Beer

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This Ginger Beer recipe is non alcoholic but would make for a killer Moscow Mule by adding a few shots of vodka and some lime.

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2nd up in the February issue (page 93)// Bloody Maria

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Tequila makes everything better in my opinion. Meet the Bloody Maria she’s like a Bloody Mary but with tequila instead of vodka.

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3rd up in the March issue (page 85)// Kale Salad

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I recommend pairing with a Vino Verde, tossing on your Kale sweatshirt, Birkenstocks and glossier mask! Peace, Love and Kale.

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And… coming to online viewing soon 4th up (a very special treat; stay tuned!)

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I love spending time in my kitchen and even more I love spending the extra time to make things taste and look that much better. These recipes inspired me with both their taste and color and I hope they inspire you to give them a try or to spend a few more minutes in your own kitchen coming up with your own foodie inspiration.






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