real talk: decluttering

Hi, I don’t know about you but lately I’ve been in the mood to just GET RID OF STUFF.


Somewhere between moving out of my parents house at 17 and living in 6 different places in 4 states I’ve accumulated some stuff. Some of it came with me from high school and I mean this in the most real way possible. Ain’t nobody got time for that. High school me and 27 year old me are different and thank god! I’ve decided to get rid of that persons junk and embrace simple living.

Apart from me wanting to rid myself of my high school and early 20’s I just really want less stuff. Fewer quantity and higher quality. Bye-bye forever 21 everything and hello nothingness until I can afford it! Bye-bye Texas Country concert t-shirts, nail polish that might be 10 years old and large mix match collection of about 5 boxes of colored pencils. It was great while it lasted but we are over.

Here are the top 5 decluttering principals I’m trying to live by from here on out.

1. Stop bringing stuff in. De-cluttering and simplifying your life will be the biggest waste if you just keep replacing the old with new. I’ve determined to get rid of the excess and buy less.

2. Go through one thing a day. Making decluttering a gradual process will help make it not feel like a totally overwhelming thing. I’ve determined to go through one area of my house till I’ve accomplished the whole thing. I may save bigger areas like my closet for a weekend while I can easily sort out the medicine cabinet on a Tuesday.

3. Do not keep things because you feel guilty. As a reminder your home or your space should only contain the things you love or use. Don’t keep things out of obligation or guilt. If you do not love it and you do not use it find another home for it. Do not be afraid to let things go. The urge to hold on to items we think we might need or wear again is real. But, do clothes from when I was 18 really serve me as a 27 year old. No, no they don’t. Either does the build up of crafts and make-up from back then.

4. Have a disposal plan. Before you start the decluttering process research and decide if recycling, donating, selling is right for you. It won’t serve you if you make give away piles that sit in your basement for 3-6 months. Go through things and then get rid of them.

5. Don’t let ‘stuff’ be a time suck on your life. Everything you own takes some time from your life. The time you spent shopping for it, cleaning it, maintaining it, staring at it wondering why you have it… I’ve determined to sacrifice less of my life on the pursuit of material things.



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