Modern General

We are half way there! I always feel a bit more cheerful on Wednesday, half way is always better than Tuesday. Me and Tuesday have issues. BUT today was frantic! Was it just me? I ran into 3-4 people who felt like we were all running non-stop, it left me wanting Modern Generals coffee with a side of whipped cream, my headphones and some good tunes. You know, my kind of zen moment.

Since I was craving this place so much today I thought I’d share some pictures I snapped last weekend, if you want to check them out online here’s there website —  Modern General

I’ve quickly fallen in love with Santa Fe’s new cafe, top to bottom it’s perfect.


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^^yes, that is whipped cream in my coffee, it made my life^^

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^^Modern General is serving breakfast/lunch items such as breakfast and lunch sandwhichs, egg strata, granola with fruit, and super cute and yummy Czech kolache. They also have smoothies, wheatgrass shots and  green or fruit juices^^

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^^the ‘Mill’ station has hand soap, dish soap, lotions as well as dried goods/grains which are all organic and sustainable. They will soon have gluten free flours that you can buy in bulk too! One of my favorite things were the bottles you could buy to fill your soaps with and then bring them back to be refilled^^

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^^one of everything….please?! Also, how cute are those tulips which were e v e r y w h e r e <3^^

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Santa Fe has been needing a spot just like this, so if you are a local or just a visitor go check them out, pick up some coffee (with whipped cream!) a garden rake, a cactus, some hand soap – whatever you need or whatever you don’t know you need yet, they’ve go it and you’ll be so charmed by the whole place.

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