5 reasons I shouldn’t be on social media


Here are 5 reasons I shouldn’t be on social media.

1. It’s a total time suck and for someone (like me) who can and does think of 1,001 things to do before I should actually start the thing I most need to be doing… it’s just a goal killer.

2. It creates a million little tv’s in my head all playing different things at different volumes. I just need one tv, one station and one volume. This means it makes me the most unfocused person alive, that might be a slight dramatization BUT know that’s how it makes me feel.

3. It makes me play the comparison game like nobodies business, all day, every day, all night, every night and I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT. Ain’t nobody got time for that. As mature as I would like to say I am and as much as I know comparison is ‘the thief of joy’… it’s also just like my blood brother and it forces me to play this game everyday. It’s just like part of the contract.

4. It is just like the pesky/draining friend who you don’t have the will power to just stop being friends with, so you let them (it) interrupt your favorite TV shows, conversations with your significant other, time relaxing, sitting at stop lights… because god forbid we actually feel alone for a moment or feel connection and contentment in real life.

5. It makes my slight OCD, over thinking, sensitive brain go into over drive so by the end of the day it often feels like a bomb was dropped and I’ve been hit by a truck. I can’t let go of the thinking, the analyzing, the comparing and the basic…. waste of my life, time I spend on it.

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^^Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bear bad fruit.– James Allen^^ sounds easy enough…

So there is my rant. On one hand I feel good knowing that I’ve figured out that social media isn’t always the healthiest past time for me. On the other hand I know it’s like a drug I can’t quit. I have this fear of deleting it all and then being totally lost by everyone… so basically I think I’m scared of losing ‘friendships’ because it’s not as easy to stay in touch etc… Is that a real fear? I kind of don’t think so but it makes me panic every time I even remotely consider jumping ship from social media.

What is my point? Gosh, I don’t know I just really wanted to tell you that I don’t think social media is good for me. Can you just accept that, nod and we can both go on with our day? I want you to know that I really do have a very over thinking, sensitive and slight OCD mind that makes all of these things true for me : http://www.puckermob.com/lifestyle/14-things-only-overthinkers-will-understand#close which makes social media a soul sucking time waste.

Maybe one day I’ll quit maybe one day I’ll really realize that it’s not real connection. For now the love/hate relationship  continues and the daily abuse on my mental/spiritual psyche continues (over dramatization again).  Perhaps I’ve just grown so used to feeling bad and comparing my life to everyone else that I can’t give it up, perhaps I really don’t think my voice/opinion matter so I let others loose lips (statuses) really bring me down or annoy me.

It’s all so silly though no matter what is true, social media is one of those things that makes me wish I was born in a different time or a different place. HELLO LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRE! Just kidding, I probably would be the worst pioneer, country girl e v e r.

totes peace, love and hope….



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