So, here is a big hello from Santa Fe! 

We have officially been here for 9 days, and what a busy 9 days it has been. Here is a peak into the past 9 days for me… (if your interested of course!) 

Within the first 24 hours of arriving I had a 4 hour job interview and Seth and I found a house.

Within the first 48 hours of arriving I had 2 job interviews and we found a house, signed a lease, and moved all of our stuff into it.

In the first 4 days I had 4 job interviews from 3 different places.

Just over a week of being here I had 5 job interviews from 3 different places, drug test, two job offers and got health insurance!!

 It’s been crazy but a good kind of crazy, I heard some great news today from my top* job but its not official-official yet so I think I’ll hold off on sharing that till I get the final word. While, I feel completely exhausted and drained I also feel so grateful for what has happened over the past 9 days. Before we left Louisiana I was SO anxious and worried and almost fearful of what was to come.

I personally couldn’t have asked for a better situation once getting here, while it has been busy and very ‘full’ — so many things are falling into place and I feel like all the little pieces are coming together. I keep thinking to myself ‘it’s destiny’ at least for now anyway. 

I keep thinking about the Meet Joe Black scene where they are in the helicopter and Anthony Hopkins says “who knows, lighting could strike”. I can’t help but think that sometimes in life we just end up in the right place and the right time. I think it is actually a rare thing that comes and goes, not a constant life occurrence. It’s experiences like this and moments like this that help remind us what hope looks like. I often think of hope as this lofty feeling, one that I can’t really explain and one that I’m not really sure that I have ever truly experienced. But, over the past 9 days I have felt like I’ve seen hope every day… and it’s honestly not really what I’ve expected the lofty emotion/feeling to be. It has been met with alot of sleepless nights, alot of long conversations, of acting and preparing to be in situations a little out of my comfort zone, its been met with anxiety and grumpiness and the need to just be alone- but all in all I’d say hope is a beautiful thing, it keeps us going when everything else would say to give up. I’d almost say that hope is so inhuman, its not selfish its not anxious, its not worried, its not moody… so while I was feeling VERY human, and very selfish/anxious/worried/and moody- somehow I was able to just let it go, to shake it off- to move on.  

Anyway, its a special day when you get to greet hope face to face, and I feel lucky to do so. I hope that I can store up the experiences and ‘hope’ of the past 9 days and recall them on days where I will completely forget what hope is, what it looks like, and how impact-full it can really be.

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