hope stones

I wanted to share another DIY project that I did a few days ago. Of course I saw it on pinterest like months ago but just had time to actual try it out for myself. Hey, at least I’m trying to actually do some of the pins I find right?!

Say hello to, hope stones

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Here’s what you do:

  • take medium sized flat stones (you can normally find some on a nature walk or you can pick some up at your local craft store)
  • use sharpie pens to write your favorite ‘hopeful’ words or quotes. *note black will show up the best but I also used a neon pick, turquoise and gold.
  • place in small dish or bowl as a daily reminder and inspiration.

Easy peasy right? Trust me, it is.

I put my stones in an antique saucer dish that I had and put it right next to my bed, I love waking up and picking one of them to focus on for that day. It’s important to me to find little ways to add little bits of love to my day and these truly did the trick.





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