I’d just like to say that… I think Mumford and Sons is up to something.

I of course signed up to get their newsletter (which has been scarce since their break). Yesterday I got an e-mail talking about the Glastonbury Festival and how they are still apart but not performing and at the end…. They included 2 videos of ‘lost footage’ from the gentlemen of the road tour.

Here is the thing, if it were 1968 I may actually believe that footage could get ‘lost’ but it’s 2014 and this lost footage is from last year… 2013. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally enthralled and love the videos but more than that to me it’s a sign. A sign that this lost footage means at some point; sometime they are coming back and coming back with a bang. It’s pretty smart actually, they hide away a bit, and release lost footage and then….. Reappear again.- Right?! That’s how it all works I’m sure of it.

I have to say they are my favorite band for many reasons but really one of the biggest reasons is the fact that they seem like stand up guys who aren’t just snorting coke behind stage. Drugs are bad by the way. For this fact alone I reject many, many things from the 60’s and 70’s. That’s a different story though.

After watching these two new videos I’ve decided that I’m going to write Mumford and Sons a letter, a fan letter, a fan girl letter. Well, maybe not fan girl, maybe just a thank you note. Why? Because art and artists should be thanked, in my opinion. Sure they have millions or billions of fans and get millions of requests and thankful thoughts and well wishes BUT they haven’t gotten mine yet. And if they read it or some intern does it doesn’t matter. I haven’t exactly decided what my prose or tone will be or if I will use pink or red ink to fill in my X’s and O’s but 1 goal this summer is to send in this letter.

Have you ever sent a fan letter? I haven’t because even when I was little I thought that my thanks’ would be lost and never read. I thought it was just not important enough to be sent. I’ve changed my mind about that and think that we/I just need to send our/my thanks, our thoughts and our love out. Out to people or out to the world and see what comes back because if we just keep all of that in our hearts or heads what good does that do anyone?


So, whether my letter gets read or stuck in a mailbox in the UK I’m sending it out there for whoever wants it. It’s really for all the letters I never wrote to Leonardo DiCaprio or Kate Winslet or the Titanic movie in general, the letters never mailed to Nicolas Cage for City of Angles and to Meg Ryan for just being Meg Ryan. It’s for the letters I felt were stupid to send to Margaret Thatcher and J.K. Rowling and the letters I could never send to Amelia Earhart, Jane Austen and Sylvia Plath.


From now on I won’t diminish my own thoughts and feel like no one will care about what I think or will reject my ‘thanks’ and I have Mumford and Sons or should I say the Gentlemen of the Road to partially thank for that. Art should get its proper thanks for how it moves us and for how it changes us.

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