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Real talk: Brene Brown

I had originally thought I would post a blog about Glossier today and how much I 1. love it and 2. think it does exactly what it claims… but then I got totally distracted by some clips of Oprah’s Lifeclass with Brene Brown. I’ve linked the video below and encourage you to spare 15 minutes to just listen to these 5 clips.

I admire Brene Brown and everything she puts out there I just totally eat up, it’s so on my level that sometimes I just gush about it. Learning about and talking about the unseen feelings and emotions of life just is my favorite thing.

I loved this quote from the class snippets when Brene talks about bravery. She says something along the lines of “You can’t do anything brave if your concerned with what people will think”.

She also address perfectionism and that was just like a shot through the heart for me. She refers to perfectionism as armor (20 ton shield) that we put on to protect ourselves. Brene says that the big 3 pieces of armor we use are perfectionism, numbing and foreboding joy. Here’s my favorite quote from the clip “when perfectionism is driving shame is always riding shotgun and fear is the annoying backseat driver.” She goes on to say that we struggle with perfectionism in areas where we feel most vulnerable to shame.  “Perfectionism is a way of thinking that says, If I look perfect, live perfect, work perfect I can avoid or minimize criticism, blame and ridicule… all perfectionism is, is the 20 ton shield we carry around hoping it will keep us from getting hurt. When in truth what it does is keep us from being seen” – I MEAN WOW!!!

It’s so interesting to me because sometimes I think I/we use perfectionism as a positive as a trait that lets people know we are good at something and that we don’t stop until something is right when in reality perfectionism is a trait we hide behind.

I know that initially watching, listening and enjoy Oprah’s Lifecalss or Super Soul Sunday’s kind of makes me sound like a middle aged women who lives with a bunch of cats. But, you should just give it a chance. I know it seems cheesy but there is so much goodness and wisdom in these videos.  I was poking around after watching these clips and realized that Brene has teamed up with Oprah to offer a 12 part online class which I’m thinking I’d love to take part in so may splurge the $70 to be apart.

So, real talk for today is Brene Brown. If you haven’t heard of her I highly recommend her books ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’  and ‘I Thought It Was Just Me’ she also has a G R E A T Ted talk that you can google if you have the time.




Oatmeal, my go to.

It snowed here yesterday morning for a good 4 hours. I woke up to the fluffiest snow flakes falling outside my window and was even more surprised when they kept going but by noon they had changed to more of a rain/drizzle and by the afternoon all traces were gone. Spring snow showers can sometimes feel like the strangest thing, I love snow in the right season but seeing it cover all the beautiful new flowers and bits of green made my heart a bit sad. I tell you this to let you know it’s still a bit chilly here in Santa Fe and as I type this I have a sweatshirt, wool booties (my favorite souvenir from Ireland) and a fluffy fleece blanket on.

One of my favorite breakfasts to eat when it’s cold outside is oatmeal, in the cooler months I eat it steaming hot and in the warmer months I eat ‘overnight’ oats which are cold. In the mornings I’m scrambling to get out the door in time for work and make my oatmeal in canning jars and eat it as soon as I’m settled in at my desk. Those canning jars come in handy for SO many things… actually ALL the things. If I’m on point I have my little jar all ready to go and waiting for it’s 1/2 cup of boiling water from the stove in the morning but If I’m not this only takes about 5 minutes in the morning, which I can normally spare.



You can make yours any way you like, bowl, canning jar, coffee mug…

Here’s what you need:

  • 1/2 cup oats (I buy the gluten-free rolled oats from TJ’s)
  • 1 dash of cinnamon or cardamom
  • 2-4 dashes of chia seeds
  • 6 crushed up walnuts, pecans or almonds
  • 1/2 a handful of dried cherries or raisins
  • 2 teaspoons of jam or preserves (I put these in, in the morning right before adding hot water)
  • optional: regular milk or nut milk

Here is what you do:

  • place all ingredients in container of choice (don’t use plastic since you will be pouring hot, hot water in there)
  • pour in 1/2 cup + a splash of boiling water
  • cover and let sit for at least 5 minutes (canning jars are perfect for this because you can just screw on the lids)
  • stir and enjoy on the go or at the table
  • optional: small pour of milk once you’ve let oatmeal sit for at least 5 minutes



There are so many variations you can make with oatmeal, the options are pretty endless but here are a few of my other favorites:

banana and almond butter (slice 1/2 a banana and put in oatmeal before adding hot water, this allows the banana to almost disintegrate and creates a great texture and flavor)

chocolate chips and pecans

apples and cinnamon

scoop or two of pumpkin puree or pumpkin butter




Since the winter chill hasn’t left Northern New Mexico yet I’m still committed to my hot oatmeal, my wool booties and a blanket in every room. Not to mention endless cups of strong black tea, it’s my favorite wake me up, pick me up or settle my mind routine. If you like a good strong black tea my two favorites are Barry’s Tea (Gold Blend) and Yorkshire Gold (loose). I can find Barry’s tea at World Market and Yorkshire Gold at Whole Foods.






Real talk: Fear

Photo Ⓒ Brad Trone


There is one positive thing about spending an afternoon in tears. For me, like many, my eyes get puffy after a tear fest but for some miraculous reason they look good, the puffiness makes my eyes pop in a way that feels like it’s the worlds tiny gift for my emotions.

I had a really rough day yesterday and it left me wondering about so, so many things. If I’m normally introspective and adrift in my own thoughts when I cry and am emotional it’s about 10 times more intense.

Yesterday I was thinking a lot about anxiety and how for me it’s so very rooted in fear. It steams from fear of certain things and causes fear, sometimes debilitating fear. I read that when we are experiencing fear that most important thing to do is to act. We need to just move forward with any kind of action because fear itself causes idleness.

I’m so scared of idleness, of the thought of complacency that sometimes I can’t move forward. It’s so hypocritical. I’m so hypocritical. I’ve realized that I’m so stunned with my own fear of not achieving that I’m … not achieving. I’m not really giving things 100%. I’m merely preoccupying myself.

I am the master at filling my minutes, hours and days with the busy work of life and accepting the busyness as achievement. Conquering busy doesn’t deserve an award or our whole society would get one.

It takes so much guts to go after what you want especially as a twenty something year old who really has no idea what they are looking for. I envy those people who seem like it all just clicked so early for them. I could fake it and make it seem like my world has clicked for me, but it hasn’t. I’m reminded in this season of my life that things take time. Time takes time. To each there own. Persistence, loyalty, joy and dedication matter more in the long run then how quick you found your finish line.

Can I just repeat that to myself 342 times a day… “Persistence, loyalty, joy and dedication matter more in the long run then how quick you found your finish line”

Two other phrases that have been helping me out this month are “get okay with it” and “destiny is demanding”.

I need the reminder that life isn’t peaches and rainbows it’s about hard work strung together with humility and grace. Say yes to more of the right things, stop hanging out with negative people, be more in the moment, cook good food, sleep enough, take long walks, ask questions and have goals. I’m trusting the rest will just fall into place when it’s supposed. The timing of life is just that, the timing of life and I just want to set aside my fear and be up for the surprise.

Sweetheart – Surprise Weekend

Did you survive Easter weekend? Are you still on a sugar high from the sweet treats?

Well this morning I felt like I had been hit by a truck and ended up in a sugar crash coma. All signs of a truly great weekend if you ask my head and heart and not my body which has convinced me to go to bed by 9pm every night this week.

I wanted to follow up on my Sweetheart posts with some fun Seth and I had this weekend. I’ve started my Sweetheart posts to help Seth and I have more ‘unique’ dates opposed to constantly watching Netflix or heading to our favorite restaurants. You can see my first Sweetheart post here!

Seth surprised me on Friday by getting off work early and taking me to Albuquerque for a fun night out! He had everything from someone watching the dog to dinner planned out and a massage at a great spa the next morning. Albuquerque may just be 55 minutes away but sometimes you just need a break from your own city routine.

Here are some of my picks from this visit to ABQ: 

Coffee, Zendo – I feel like I’m giving away a secret here but have you tried a Turkish latte? Well, they are my favorite kind of latte (with almond milk) hot or iced they are so mouthwateringly good! Zendo does it right too, they mix the cinnamon and cardamon into the honey pour the hot espresso over that till it’s totally mixed and then dump it into your milk product. If you haven’t tried one I highly recommend it and if your in the ABQ area go to Zendo and try one there, you won’t be sorry about it.

Dinner, Artichoke Cafe – I had the chicken breast with the best pesto spätzle e v e r and Seth the duck with the most killer home-made gnocchi.

Hotel, Parq-Central – SO nice you guys, totally clean and beautifully decorated. It was probably one of the nicest hotels I’ve stayed at in ABQ and I’ve been visiting the city my whole life. Oh and for any ghost enthusiasts (no-one… just me?!) the hotel is a newly renovated building that used to be a hospital and psychiatric facility. We did not have any strange experiences while there though.

Drinks, Apothecary Lounge – It’s a rooftop bar that has indoor and outdoor seating and beautiful views of the entire downtown area. It’s beautiful both at sunset and at night when all the lights start glittering!

Breakfast, The Grove –  If you’re from New Mexico then you have probably heard of The Grove, it’s a very popular breakfast and lunch eatery in Albuquerque. Seth and I find it worth the wait and crowds every time, we’ve loved every breakfast and lunch dish we’ve tried plus they serve mimosas and have kick ass cupcakes and macaroons!

Massage, La Bella Spa – It was my first time getting to try this place out but it was very relaxing and I had a great massage. It’s true to it’s name and your visit is complete with slippers, robes and access to amenities like the sauna and hot and cold plunges.

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Sunday, Easter day we decided to take our time and make a really great dinner. We spent most of the afternoon prepping and cooking but were able to fit in a few long neighborhood walks and mimosas in!

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^^On most afternoon walks you can find me gushing over the neighborhood tulips^^

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^^I have a crush on both of these guys…swoon!^^

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^^If you haven’t been by the Roundhouse lately you should take stroll, she’s looking beautiful!^^

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^^Kaune’s Market is just charming in the Springtime^^

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^^Proper Sunday roast in the works^^

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^^Smiled because all the yellow and blue in this shot^^

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^^And let them eat cake!^^

There you have it a surprising and simple weekend!

Being an adult is hard, it’s full of responsibility, pressure and fears…It’s a struggle. What makes all those scary things more bearable is spending time with the one(s) you love. It’s so easy to stick to what you’ve always done but what’s more fun, thrilling and invigorating to the mundane(ness) of just being an adult is to just step out in surprise and trust that fun and enjoyment of life can come in many, many forms. Sometimes we just need to step outside our heads and our homes and take the smallest steps towards adventure. Adventure could be the next town over or the dive bar you’ve been to scared to check out or even picnicking in a park for the afternoon. Sometimes life doesn’t afford us the chance to jet set to other other countries and experience other cultures first hand but that doesn’t mean adventure is dead it just means you have to look for it and be committed to finding it where you are. I believe that when we do that we start creating a more beautiful and interesting life.


-xox Jane