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margaritas part 2

La Fonda.

It’s one of my favorite places period in Santa Fe. If you’ve kept up with this blog you know I’ve mentioned it before, its a place that my whole family has been coming to for a very long time. In my family it’s more of a tradition than a favorite and I just kind of love that. I can recall almost all the family dinners in the main restaurant La Plazuela, the many drinks in La Fiesta Lounge as well as all the mid-day breaks on the comfy leather chairs or next to the big fire place in the back (and Seth and I actually had our wedding reception here on the rooftop La Terraza room).

Needless to say I love La Fonda for many, many reasons but today I’m sharing my love for their perfectly simple margarita and New Mexican food.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetYou guys, it’s really just so good.. you could drink 5! Here is a menu for La Fiesta Lounge they have a variety of margaritas and tequilas, I normally just get the house margarita on the rocks with salt and lime (of course) or I’ll do the Silver Coin. But.. honestly you can’t go wrong with any one you choose. Again, no sweet and sour, no powder mix here just pure heaven… basically. Whether you order them from the Lounge or the main restaurant or even room service they come looking exactly like this every time without fail.

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After a long work week I seriously can just crave their margarita and La Fonda’s New Mexican food… if you ask me it’s some of the best in town. While the La Plazuela is a little more fancy (and their menu is wonderful too) after a long week I just want the Rellenos de La Fiesta from the Lounge. Ever had chile rellenos? Well here is the description-

Two Large Green Chiles filled with Mexican Cheeses,
lightly Beer Battered and Fried, topped with your choice
of Red, Green or X-mas Chile, served with your choice
of Pinot Beans or Black Beans, Pork Posole, Shredded
Lettuce, Sour Cream, Guacamole, Pico de Gallo
and Sopaipilla

They are good, real good. If that’s a little too New Mexican for you I recommend the tortilla soup and/or enchiladas (which more people seem to be familiar with). Those are pictured below and already have me drooling a bit. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Back to my point- after a long week of work or a long day of travel this is the perfect spot for a cold drink and good  New Mexican food. As I mentioned before La Fonda is more a tradition for Santa Fe more than a favorite but you’d be hard pressed to find anything you didn’t love and enjoy here.

Here is a shot over looking the main La Plazuela restaurant. It’s an open courtyard in the middle of the hotel and if you walk up stairs you can look down into the space. Beautiful if you ask me.

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Stop in next time and have a drink for me!





Backstreet Bistro

Since it’s mid-week I thought I’d share a secret. Since I’m sharing this online it won’t be a much of a secret but… you know.

Backstreet Bistro (513 Camino De Los Marquez)

is kind of like a secret in Santa Fe, it’s a little hidden and I think that is to keep some of the tourists out. I’m pretty happy about that because it’s a great spot of a work week lunch. It has a very relaxed and homey atmosphere almost small town diner(ish). They do soups, salads and sandwiches and man are they good. All home-made and all great. There soups change on the daily and they always have 4-6 options, they even have their own blogspot for the daily soups . One of my favorites is their chicken and wild rice (yum).

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They let you make any combination you like, soup and salad, sandwich and soup or vice versa. Oh, did I mention they have dessert too? If your ever around in the Autumn season you h a v e to stop in for some pumpkin pie, it’s like the best- really. I’m already looking forward to it’s return.

They are open Monday-Saturday but I mostly find myself stopping in mid-week as a little pick me up to the work week.

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Anyway it’s just good food and a relaxed atmosphere that can help make a mundane Wednesday or Thursday more bearable. Hope that you stop in and remember ‘shhh’ don’t tell all the tourists.


P.S. Look for the blue awning on Camino de los Marquez , otherwise you might miss it 🙂

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margaritas part 1

To be honest silver tequila is my favorite liquor which makes margaritas like… my favorite drink. I’m lucky to live in a city where they make them right with lime juice, agave and NO sweet/sour or powdered mix.

Because of this love of both tequila and margaritas I’ve decided to share my favorite spots to sip them in Santa Fe, NM.

They will go in no particular order as my love for each is for different reasons, they are like snow flakes no two are the same… or something like that.

Today I’d like both recommend and share about Coyote Rooftop Cantina. It’s one of my favorite rooftop bars in Santa Fe, honestly in the summer it’s kinda the place to be. I’ve even spotted Ewan McGregor there. They have tacos (great tacos), jalapeño shooters (a must try) and of course great drinks. Their full drink menu is pretty great including things named, Kentucky Breakfast, Pink Geisha  and a Gentlemen’s Vice.

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It’s a fun place to eat, drink, people watch and be seen. We typically just grab the salsa trio (above) and a margarita and beer respectively.  They have a great margarita list and you can’t go wrong with anyone you pick, frozen or on the rocks. They do it right though, perfectly mixed and a little on the strong side.

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So, next time you feel like people watching in class check out Coyote Rooftop Cantina (132 W Water St) I know it’s where you’ll find me for a large portion of this summer.





Breakfast could quite possibly be my favorite meal of the day especially when it turns into brunch…and mimosas but I digress.

One of my favorite spots for breakfast or brunch in Santa Fe is, Clafoutis ( 402 N Guadalupe St).

I’ve never left more than thrilled and charmed by the atmosphere and the food.

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I should share some recommendations but honestly every single thing I’ve had is delicious. I’m typically the type of person who has a favorite and that’s what I stick with, not here. I enjoy everything on the menu but if I had to offer up some help with deciding I’d note for breakfast;

L’assiette Francasise (french plate)- comes with ham, prosciutto, salami, cheese, salad, home-made bread and…butter.

Le Special- two eggs, bacon or ham, bread and butter, french jam and a croissant.

House Waffles or Crepes (peach is my favorite!)


Le Plate de Tous Jours (dish of the day)- home-made bread, hame, salad, home-made french fry chips (yum) and… butter.

Sandwich Cubian- made with grilled ham and pork

Salade Charlotte- green apples, feta, cucumbers, peppers and prosciutto


Clafoutis is also a bakery, all bread and pastry is made in house and honestly it’s to die for- all of it. If you visit I beg you to order an extra pastry, sweet or fresh baguette — I promise you will thank me later. It’s a family run restaurant and it’s one of the best things about Santa Fe. The food and people are a gem and I promise it’s worth the wait to get in. Our favorite thing is to get up early to beat the crowds on a Saturday morning, with the home-made croissants and shabby chic decor I promise that for a moment you’ll forget your in the desert of New Mexico.