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Mangiamo Pronto

I wanted to take a moment, a moment in internet time anyway and fill you in on one of my favorite little spots in Santa Fe. Mangiamo Pronto, as the name suggests it’s Italian. It’s a go to for us, a go to for coffee, tea, happy hour, quick snack, leisurely lunch…. whatever. It’s a nice mix of locals and tourists but I personally can’t get over the atmosphere.

I visited Italy when I was 20 and fell in love with so many different things about their culture. One being the feeling and ambiance of their small bars and cafes.

Mangiamo Pronto has that same classic feel. My recommendation is to visit during happy hour (typically 4-6pm) for appetizers and drinks. I’m about to share my biggest secret but you can get a glass of champagne for around $4 and to top that they have some killer bruschetta. Those two are my personal favorites but you can’t go wrong with their gelato or shot of LavAzza espresso.

Seth and I were in on our last snow day and had the whole place to ourselves… it was pretty close to divine. Here are some shots of their cute space.

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^^ see what I mean about cute cafe feel. I love their chalk signs and single flowers on the tables^^

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^^ The fab wine bar- (they also serve beer), did I mention they have single pour champagne? My all time favorite ^^

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^^ adorable space, seriously one of my favorite spots for quality time with Seth ^^

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^^ Have you ever noticed how cool the LavAzza posters are?^^

photo 1

^^ A little nook full of travel books on Italy and an awesome collection of old Italian movies on play all the time^^

Here is their facebook page if your interested in checking that out, if your around Santa Fe and need a quick go to cafe I promise they won’t disappoint.




i’ve been avoiding writing this post for a few days now because i felt like i didn’t have my thoughts all sorted on the subject. and to be real honest i still don’t.

i understand that feelings are fleeting but lately i have been feeling so defeated by e v e r y t h i n g.

i know it’s a little cheesy to write with the definition of the word but because i have been feeling so defeated i wanted to see what the word exactly meant- to you know see if i was mislabeling my feelings.


the definition for defeat is to ‘win a victory over someone’ and the word defeated means ‘having been beaten’. hmm…

you see the cool thing about definitions is that it gives you a little more context and a little bit of a different perspective. once i read those i decided that if i did indeed feel defeated it was only because i was letting myself feel that way not because anything or anyone had actually defeated me. i have been defeating myself.

don’t you hate that? i seriously (X 100) am my own worst enemy. do you see what i’ve done? i’ve basically been torturing myself for the past week because i kept telling myself i was defeated when there was no reality in it.


have you ever done this? do you ever feel like your own worst enemy?

i think the hard part is the fact that i’m really introverted meaning i like to think in my head more than i like to share out loud – thus thoughts like these can live inside for very long periods of time.

to help counteract this here are some antonyms for defeat:












if i were to be really honest with myself and with you, i’d have to say that i’m much more in tune with those words then i am with letting people or my environment lord over me.  why is it then that i so easily accept the negative over the positive– because in all honestly i’m kind of winning at adult life and while my situation isn’t perfect i’m doing pretty alright. for some reason i can’t admit that to myself most of the time and i just don’t want to accept that any more.

it’s only through reflection, questioning and action that we can make a change and while this is a minor one I am thrilled to shift from such a defeated attitude to one of accomplishment and success.  “like attracts like” so good riddance defeat and hello achievement. i have big plans for 2014 and i don’t need to be taking cigarette breaks (no I don’t actually smoke) with defeat. ain’t no body got time for that.

there you have it, i hope this helps you get out of your head a little bit and shift perspectives. i know i REALLY needed the reminder that i’m doing pretty okay.


a good friend shared this song with me today and i thought it was so fitting to the thoughts of being defeated. you may hate/love this song but it’s definitely my kind of music because at heart i’m really just a barefoot dust bowl baby. (what?!) it’s true.

plus- it’s like a really great video right? yum.

cheers people and cheers to my new favorite thing of cutting negative people, thoughts and things from my life.


saturday adventures

seth surprised me with a day in albuquerque and can you guess what we did? well, we sure didn’t take the breaking bad tour that is for sure. (although i am thinking that if i get bored enough it might make it onto my ‘ok’ list.). we did however do 2 things we’ve never done before at least not together. we visited the aquarium and bio park and then rode the sandia peak tram to the top of the mountain.

it was fun, it was actually really nice to get out and do something that we had never done together it was a l m o s t like being some place brand new. i’ve been craving travel for quite some time now and with the busyness of the season we just can’t make it happen till summer.

photo 3-2


^^^                                                                                                                                                                                      ^^^

here are some highlights from the aquarium/bio park- the jelly fish and sting rays were my favorite. growing up my dad was the manager of a zoo and botanical gardens and i have to be honest i’ve always thought greenhouses are kinda like the coolest things ever. i even got to work in one for a summer it was really quiet and really great.

photo 5-1


^^^                                                                                                                                                                                     ^^^

and for everyone’s viewing pleasure too many pictures of me. sorry to double up but i thought the one of me standing on the trail was pretty perfect, it really shows off my super skills for posing awkward in pictures. p.s. i love this picture of seth even though the shadows are there i just… swoon- love him.

photo 4-2


^^^                                                                                                                                                                                     ^^^

food. because everyone loves pictures of food! hey, i’m really just trying to up my chances of you using me as a mental punching bag. i like what i like, i can’t help it — and i really like food. we are not albuquerque natives but one of our favorite places for breakfast or lunch is ‘the grove’- seriously they can make a simple turkey sandwich taste amazing. now the gelato is not from ‘the grove’ but a new place we found in uptown (shopping area) it’s called frost. it was s o o o good, like extremely close to actual italian gelato when you eat it in italy. amazing- i’m already excited to go back.

so, there you have it- f u n. it’s really great to have fun in your own city or surrounding area and try things you haven’t before. and yes while the aquarium was full of new parents and babies/toddlers it was great to just be in a new place together. and FYI the tram to the top of the mountain is basically like being on a crowded subway car but in the sky — germy hand rails and everything. i actually got a little nervous for the whole thing and ended up not taking as many pictures as i had hoped.

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“enjoy it because it’s happening” –stephen chbosky // i’ve repeated this quote to myself so many times in the past 2 weeks. i thought i’d share it here so that maybe someone else might remember or hear it for the first time. it’s from the book ‘perks of being a wallflower’ which by the way i recommend and loved. my mind seems to either be ahead of itself or stuck in the past and rarely do i find myself present in the moment. this can lead to some unhappiness and i’m just trying to make it my mission to at least learn to be a little more present and keep the worry at bay.

so my friends, enjoy it (life) because it’s happening right now– even if right now isn’t as exciting as you hoped or even if right now is full of tears and stress… it’s life and tomorrow will be a new day. i wish i could sit down with each of you and discuss this further but i can’t and i guess that is what the o’l internet is good for. that and spending to many hours watching kitten videos.

hope that you all have a delightful week. i’ll be thinking of you!




p.s. sandia tram info 

the grove


we midnight-snack classy in my house.

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good evening to anyone who is still awake to read this on valentine’s day eve. i know valentine’s day gets a pretty bad rep but i’ve always liked it and am not going to start denying it now. i don’t expect a whole lot on the day and don’t like the commercial version or anything- i just love a reason to love my friends and family. i particularly love the idea of giving little ‘love’ notes to the ones I hold dear.

i’m sure no one really wants to know but i’m pretty excited to see that new movie ‘a winters tale’ and no i’m not a 16-year-old girl. honestly– put someone with an irish accent in any movie and i’ll probably want to see it—but more than that, i just really enjoy a good fairytale (so sue me). i’m so sure some of you are making me a mental punching bag right now.

1. i like valentine’s day


2. i want to see ‘a winters tale’

the world – 2 andie – 0


if you are dreading tomorrow or anticipating it i hope you have an enjoyable weekend and indulge a little in a few of your favorite things, whatever they are.

apart from seth, my cat boulder, champagne and chocolate here are some of my  favorite things this week.

1. This video (pretty sure i’ve watched it 3459.8 times in 4 days)- i’ve dreamed of the ocean every night for a week because of it. i simply cannot wait for summer, but this video is going to have hold me over till then. isn’t it shot beautifully?

Oh, Summer from Benjamin Dowie on Vimeo.


2. this fluffy cat picture. like literally i feel like i look exactly like this from 6:30am-9:45am. dear, cat – i can relate. 




3. enough said; everyone should have this motto stored up for a rainy day



4. HOME-MADE coconut butter. you guys it’s so good and so easy, i’ll have to share the  steps asap. seriously making it home-made saves you like $8 and it tastes like heaven


5. this little girl, how sweet is she and how much do i want to try and remember to be in awe of the little things.

so, ciao mi amore i’m off to eat those strawberry’s and wrap my head around the fact that i’ve got to survive another work day tomorrow.


dear whoever,


my typical saturday adventures were nixed this weekend do to the shooting of a very cool music video (on seth’s part) that i hope to share with you in the future.

this means that my weekend has consisted of lots of relaxing, errands, cleaning and wondering around on the internet. i do plan on making some gluten free/sugar free ginger snaps later (we’ll see how those things come out) and a vegan lasagna (ditto on it’s completed state).

so, because i don’t have much to share i wanted to give you my latest/favorite(ist) things as well as some recent thoughts in my head.


i hope the next few things will be little gifts of joy to get you through this next week.

  1. i’m not super into memes but i do really love the ryan gosling ones- these are my favorite right now.






2. have you seen inside llewyn davis yet? it’s good- not the best thing ever but good and pretty and sad and slightly epic (to me)- well did you know that marcus mumford worked with t bone burnett on the music and sings on the album. i die. one of my favorite songs from the album is a traditional one called ‘the death of queen jane’ and is snug by oscar issac … i love it. 

3. the awkward coverage on sochi from yellow water, unfinished streets and really bad hotel rooms. i find it humorous in a very serious, cynical way- like what are we/everyone doing there? plus the bit on killing stray dogs makes me feel enraged. definitely counting my blessings as to the fact i’m not in sochi and sending good thoughts to all those folks.

4. this little girl and a penguin, i mean come on.



5. and to end… que all the fuzzy emotions and tears you’ve got- jay leno’s goodbye.

obviously i don’t  know jay leno or jimmy fallon personally but all the buzz is that in person they are really great, nice people- and they do seem that way. so, for me it’s really great to see how nice guys can win sometimes and makes me believe in these quotes even more.

work hard 1work hard

plus, if i’m going to be honest i do love a little country music and this song is a classic.  when i was like 12 i had wished i could sing like garth brooks, like exactly like him-wouldn’t have that been the oddest thing ever– what a truly heartfelt goodbye. #sigh


now on to the most recent of my strange thoughts.  really these  thoughts should be shared on twitter (or not shared at all), hopefully they make you laugh or just make you think i’m super weird.


  • i’ve spent the last 5 hours making beans. just in case anyone had mistaken me for ‘cool’. – seriously like making your own food is fun and great and all but while making a pot of black beans a few weeks ago i felt like the lamest person alive. standing around waiting for beans to cook…
  •  lorde > beyonce – wow, i know everyone really might hate me on this one but it’s what i think. i only think it from the grammy performances- to me lorde is such a better role model for young, teenage and even adultish women than beyonce. don’t get me wrong beyonce has soooo much talent, i just don’t believe in swagging it across stages and chairs in very limited clothing. lots of people have made fun of lorde’s demeanor and or mannerisms – i think that’s rude. to me she shows how imperfections make us, us and how we don’t have to be fake or sell sex appeal to be a winner. anyway, you can hate me now.
  • why does my cat act like i’m murdering her friend every time i turn the vacuum on? – but really do you know? like hello cat, we have to keep a clean house i’d appreciate a little respect for the fact that i’m cleaning and all you do is give me evil eyes, become totally ridged and then hide under the couch and or bed for 5 hours. what gives.
  • i seriously look exactly like vampire brad pitt (interview with a vampire) when we are this far into winter. – no i’m not kidding not even a little. like spitting gross image. see, bad dried out hair, blood shot eyes, super dead looking complexion and awkward layers.





  •  why does keith urban still have girl/emo hair, doesn’t he know it’s not cool anymore? – seriously someone needs to stylistically let this guy know it’s time for a new hair cut it’s sorta creeping me out.
  •  macklemore and ryan lewis are sorta like my heros – not really but kind of. i just feel like their story is real cool and like they worked hard for their success and weren’t just plucked up and made commercial by a label. p.s. i don’t know very much about the music industry so sorry if i sound stupid.  you should check out this video on macklemore on drug abuse thought it was pretty eloquent and personal
  •  i used to have a crush on jared leto and by used to i mean when i was like 17 years old. after his grammy outfit choice i’m really not sure what this says about me… (this was also the time i was r e a l into green day).— enough said.



enough of all that stuff, happy sunday and happy week to you all.





lewis carroll said it best.

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says “Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.” -Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

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to me snow days are perfection and today has been nothing less than that (and it’s not even over yet!). growing up in southern new mexico we didn’t get very many snow days– but they have been a pleasant surprise of living in the mountains of santa fe. so, basically people i heart snow days it’s like a free gift from the world.

who wouldn’t want to put their life and responsibilities on hold for 24 hours to wonder around outside or watch it fall from indoors. obviously lewis carroll said it much more eloquently than me- but when it snows and everything is all white it’s like that moment is still, still in time free from the rush of every day life and the stress of it all.

at least that is how it makes me feel.


i was able to have some extra time with seth this morning so we had breakfast and made our way out for cappuccinos and tea– we even stumbled upon an unlocked playground and had to take advantage of the swings.

photo 2-1

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doesn’t this house look incredibly cozy? i sure think so..

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photo 1-1

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cheers friends and cheers to the beauty in every season and the stillness you can be reminded on of snow days like today.


saturday adventures.

good night to everyone,

good night sounds like an odd way to begin a post but it is indeed night and i am very much wishing everyone has had a good one.

tonight was the superbowl and i didn’t watch it, instead i watched the kitty bowl which was fantastic and so adorable. i didn’t even check in for the 1/2 time show or any of the commercials- do i feel deprived? not at all. in another world where i care about things such as football i would have been going for the seahawks which i have just heard won tonight. so congrats to all the seahawk fans.

anyway, why am i talking about football? as we speak i’m sipping cherry rose rooibos tea, watching a fire and there is a sleeping cat next to me = perfection.

this weekend went too fast as they always do but since seth has a super busy upcoming week and weekend we tried to pack a little fun into saturday. the only thing i requested was to get a new book (in which i found two). last month i promised myself i’d read 2 books a month 1. sorta self-helpy/educational and 2. whatever i want. i’ll let you know how the two below turn out.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


we also had breakfast at one of my favorite places in town annapurna’s it’s a ayurvedic/vegetarian cafe. since i’m on that elimination diet i can’t eat alot of things but i can eat anna purna’s vegan and gluten free banana pancakes with almond/coconut/cardamom butter. they were delish, like really so good that i can’t wait to go again. apart from new books and breakfast we wanted to find some snow so we took a drive up the mountain but sadly didn’t find much.

i’ve been saying for the past few weeks “if it’s going to be cold it needs to snow, if it won’t snow it just needs to be spring”. santa fe has been pretty bitter with lots of wind lately and full of sun with no clouds. i can honestly say that is my worst kind of new mexican day… saturday it looked like it was snowing on the mountain so we were determined to find it but sadly were disappointed by just the left overs.

the forecast is saying snow possibilities all week though!

after our snow hunting we wandered around a local nursery to kill some time and then headed home deciding that a harry potter marathon was the next best option. i read an article this morning that was saying JK Rowling thinks she should have had hermione and harry end up together over ron. i die! i’ve wanted them to be the ones who ended up together since i was 10 and to know that now JK Rowling also sees that was the better option…. i feel like the winner of the hogwarts cup. if your an hp fan than that idea/change is sorta life changing.

back in the dawson’s creek days i a l w a y s was 150% sure joey would end up with dawson and THEY DIDN’T END UP TOGETHER, same as i thought about harry and hermione – so i was 0-0 but with this new interview and change in the harry potter scene made my ego on predicting love happenings perk up quite a bit.

i’m rambling, i’m sorry. overall i just want to say welcome to february i hope that you all have many wonderful things planned and on top of that many wonderful surprises. i’m off now to read a new book, watch a sleeping cat and dream about snow for this week.