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You guys. I’m seriously grateful for stuff like this, it makes life a little bit more light hearted- don’t you think?



G R A T E F U L for 4 years with this fellow!

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We have fun together and I just love him so very much… ::swoon::

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I’m grateful for pictures of me like this one,

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Honestly I feel like I have the roundest face and features ever and then I see pictures like this and think “hello cheekbones”. Anyway, just a nice reminder you know- like our perceptions aren’t always correct all the time.




I’m grateful for home-made breakfasts with Seth. We made breakfast burritos today and they just honestly tasted like the best things ever. We woke up a little early and walked to the grocery store to get all the ingredients- there was something so much more gratifying by walking to the store to make the food. Sigh, anyway… I like to think we are some really great cooks even though breakfast burritos are pretty hard to mess up.

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And 6- here we go!

I’m grateful for classy bars. I hope it’s not horrible for me to thanks a bar in my gratitude posts- I mean I’ve already thanked tequila and champagne so… oh well!

One of our favorite bars in Santa Fe is Secreto in the St. Francis Hotel down town. -YUM!

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On the same note, I’m very grateful for family traditions and one of my families traditions is home-made eggs benedict on Christmas morning. See above picture for the yum-factor. I’ve literally eaten this for Christmas since I could chew real food so for like… 24 years? I also just love all our mix-matchy Christmas decor. I know that lots of people like things to match or go a bit more but I sorta love they way things look when they don’t.

So, cheers to family traditions.




8 more days until 2014 and today I’m very grateful for New Mexican traditions. I’m sure every state is has it’s own unique traditions but I really do love the ones from my home state of New Mexico. Below is a picture of our farolitos or luminarias we put out on Christmas Eve. Farolitos, which is what they call them here in Santa Fe mean little fires and it’s a huge tradition state wide. On Christmas Eve we walk up Canyon Road (a road full of art galleries in town) and they have lots of these guys out as well as tiny bon fires with hot chocolate and people caroling it’s – g r e a t.

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You see this picture? Well, it’s obviously a picture of bread- and today I’d like to share how grateful I am for real deal bread and the fact that I live like 2 blocks away from one of the best bread bakeries ever. It’s called Sage Bakery or Bakehouse and it’s just really great. I know that lots of people can only buy their bread from the grocery store and that is all fine and good and there isn’t a thing wrong with it but I just feel lucky that I can walk down the street and buy this to have for the week. It makes me feel like someone out of a book- I know that sounds silly but you just need to understand I really like bread and romanticizing everything about life. So there. Grateful for real deal bread from Santa Fe.





10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 !!

Today I am grateful for quite afternoons perfect for putting the final touches on a Christmas tree, touching up the chalkboard wall and making hot tea. In the midst of the Christmas hustle and bustle some of my favorite things are taking it easy. So, I’m thankful for the still moments in life they really are some of my favorites.


Oh, and I know my chalking isn’t perfect but hey, there is perfection in the imperfect right?


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Here’s our little Christmas corner…
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I’m very thankful that I live in a city that I can play a tourist in. Sometimes life gets so busy that I forget how great Santa Fe can be and how beautiful- especially around the holidays. Santa Fe has always been one of my favorite places around Christmas time and it’s the very reason that.. almost 4 years ago Seth and I decided that we would get married here 3 days after Christmas.

The holiday season holds a special place in my heart. So I’d like to share my gratitude for the beautiful city of Santa Fe and for holiday cheer and decor in general.

Here are some alot of shots I took while we strolled around town a l l day long. Hope you enjoy… xoxo


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