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I’m grateful for dreary fall days.

I’m one of those people who light up on a cloudy day, they are personally my favorite. While misty cold weather can be a little bit nostalgic it makes me appreciate the days that are full of warmth and sun. Word around Santa Fe is that we are in for a long cold, wet winter which I’m not quite prepared for. I suppose if we had too much of one or the other things would be a little boring.

Cloudy, dreary days help me feel ‘okay’ turning introspective and spending my day thinking to myself and daydreaming out the window. I’d also dare to say that they are an introverts perfect day. I suppose I can’t make that rash of a call so I better say that they are THIS introverts perfect day.

Thankful for them 🙂




What am I grateful for today.

Well lots of things big and small but the main thing that I’m going to zero in on is…. my coworkers!

Yep. I am grateful to have some really great ones who are supportive and very funny.

Humor is a big deal to me, as is kindness and I’ve happened to stumble upon a group that can define both.

Last night a handful of us carved pumpkins in honor of All Hallow’s Eve and it was great time full of cute food and good laughs. I can tell you that the last 2 weeks have been pretty stressful for me which means at the end of the day I ultimately want to retreat and hermit up in my house, but I didn’t and I’m so grateful for that. I needed a fun night full of Halloween and laughs.

So, cheers to you wonderful people who I spend large amounts of the business week with. Without you I might actually cry in my cubicle and or bathroom stall even more. So basically you are worth gold in my book.





You guys, I’m grateful for scary movies.

Without them my life would be a little more boring and mundane.

I’ve always really liked scary movies even when I was pretty young like…. 8 or 9 years old. I remember making my friends watch them with me and they would end up hiding behind the couch while I so into it.

Is that weird? I hope it doesn’t make me a weirdo. 7 times out of 10 if you ask me what kind of movie I want to watch I’ll say a scary one. Scary today is different than when I started out watching them. I’m definitely not into all the horror/gore movies – I just like the anticipation of being scared and then actually you know being scared.

I really am coming up with some random things for these posts on gratefulness. I’m just thankful for scary movies and the way they make me feel scared and the adventure and suspense they add to my movie watching.

My all time favorite scary movie is…. The Shining, then Psycho (original) then The Birds.

Do you like scary movies? Do you have a favorite? If so please let me know if I haven’t seen it I would l o v e to add it to my list.




Gratefulness is such a strange thing sometimes. Some days I am seriously so grateful that I only arrived 2minutes late to work and not 38. Other days, like today I am grateful for things that are so big that I don’t really know how to express them in words. How does life work this way? I guess it keeps things interesting…


I’d like to share with you 2 pictures, here you go.


These might not look like much to you but they mean the world to me. I can’t remember when my Mom gave them to me but they have traveled with me ever since. Those pictures are from the day I was born; it’s the card that came with the flowers my grandparents sent me in the hospital. They addressed them just to me. I’ve been so enamored that they sent ME flowers, I am sure they had 2 flowers sent one to my Mom and one too me but can you imagine? They hadn’t even met me yet and being oh… probably days old I didn’t have much to do with flowers, but they sent them anyway personally address to me and sealed with love and kisses.


I think it’s just been a reminder to me that I’ve always been loved and thought of even if I didn’t realize it or think I deserved it. That goes for all of you reading this, that idea to think and believe that you are constantly (always and forever) loved and thought of in some way- that’s huge right? I think so; it’s like thinking about what the Universe is made of.


Anyway, today I am so grateful for thoughtfulness and for keepsakes. Hope I am not cheating by giving 2 away but I love the fact that I love this little card so much and always have it near by and I love the idea of what that card represents.  A celebration of life that while I couldn’t comprehend I was recognized and loved.


Cutting it close again for this Sunday post. I seem to do that on Sundays… stretch the day as long as possible, then all of a sudden it’s almost midnight. I know that ‘Sunday Funday’ is a huge thing but honestly Sunday is normally full of a lot of anxiety for me, anxiety for the next 5 days of not being the weekend. I’ve been learning and practicing how to let that all go and just relax a little.

So, today was a good day, a very full day – Seth and I celebrated by the catching up on the new TV show ‘Dracula’ (I love vampires – duh!) and a good drink.

Which leads me to let you all know that today I am grateful for hard cider. I know this might be an odd thing to be grateful for but I really am. I am not a beer person AT ALL, so I have become quite the cider connoisseur.

So, thanks cider for being such a yummy alternative to beer, often being gluten free and basically just delicious fermented apple juice. I owe you one.


Here is one of my latest favs.


Peace out.



Dear today,

I am grateful for zip up hoodies. Yes, I know yet another inanimate object that I am thanking and ultimately saying makes my life better. Please don’t judge me as superficial or the alike.

I just really love zip up hoodies. Honestly my favorite outfit would be jeans, boots, a white, grey or black t-shirt (possibly red) and some kind of zip up hoodie (preferably in a solid color).


Look, I get that putting together outfits is super fun and super cute but it’s not my daily high. I like fashion and I like looking nice but I don’t think the world revolves around it nor do I want so much of my life to be consumed by the daunting question of what outfit to wear.


Because of this I am very grateful for one of my favorite pieces of clothing, the zip up hoodie. Yes, the zip up part makes a difference.


P.S. I am still pining over this zip up that I found in Italy, it was way too expensive but I probably think about it about once every two weeks and that was like 5 years ago.

So, be warned Europe has some legit hoodies!


K, bye.



I’d like to mention that I’m very grateful for surprises. They make my grey skies blue. Was that cheesy? Sorry…

But really.

I mean this in a non-materialistic way, I am a gift person- I like giving gifts and I like receiving them. They never have to be anything huge I consider a card in a the mail a gift or even getting my favorite drink as a surprise. Yesterday after a long day and a long week Seth had one of my favorite drinks waiting for me when I got home (mango guava kombucha!) and it was just the biggest pick me up. Surprises have a way of lifting my spirits and reminding me about all things good.

I really hope to not come across the wrong way, but I am so grateful for surprises and gifts and for the people in my life who both give them and allow me to give them. Seriously you help me love life a little bit more and for that I am more than thankful.




Today I’d like to mention how grateful I am for sleep. I love to sleep. Look I  know what you are thinking… Duh like every human on the planet likes to sleep. What I’m  talking more about being able to sleep, I went through a period of time when I couldn’t sleep- not for anything. It was horrible and in turn I turned into a real grouch. For the past year or so I fall asleep about 3 minutes after my head hits the pillow.

Some days I still have a hard time waking up and facing the day, but that really is another story.

Anyways, I am so lucky and grateful for good sleep. So cheers to that!



Today I am very grateful for yoga.

I’ve done yoga off and on since high school and just in the past year started to be more regular about it. I can honestly say it’s made some huge improvements in my life. Yoga helps me destress 10X than normal exercise. (Yes, really 10X) Yesterday when I was at yoga I was watching the clock for more than half the class, when I realized I was doing it I stopped. I thought to myself isn’t it funny how we want to fast forward through some of the most benefiting things? Maybe you don’t do that, but I do… I am always ready for the next thing. I guess yoga helps bring me back to the present and for that I’m just so grateful. This girl can take all the grounding she can get.

So, yay for yoga.



Yesterday was one of those days where it felt like I had worked a 16 hour day when in fact it had only been a little over 8 hours. So naturally I came home and just wanted to relax and be cozy- the fireplace was in use, a yummy dinner cooking and I immediately put on my pajamas. You know like the pant suit type of pajamas- they are my favorite. When I was little I used to call pajamas jammies so if you call or did call them jammies you are A-OK in my book.

So, today I’m very grateful for pajamas and while I know they aren’t a necessity they sure do seem like a luxury to me especially after a long hard day.

These are the ones I’m pining over right now…


Cheers jammies, cheers.