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Today I am grateful for push-ups.

Yep, push-ups. I used to do a lot more push-ups than I do today and I used to kind of hate it. Now that I’m a little older and wiser I can see the benefit of doing push-ups at any given moment of your day and that the pain, annoyance and sometimes awkwardness is actually all together a beneficial process.

I don’t do as many push-ups now because well I felt like I did so many in the past that it was like a right of passage to go ahead and work those out of my daily schedule. Going through old pictures I saw this one and surprisingly wasn’t reminded of how much I hated doing them, or how bad my hands hurt while doing them on rocky asphalt or frozen concrete- no I merely thought about all the funny moments of doing push-ups all the time (at any given moment) and how I should actually start doing them again since you know- they are good for the arms.

If you’d like to know just why I am pictured in a group of people who are doing push-ups and why we had to do them basically 24/7- well that is a story for another time.

All that matters today is that you know I’m very grateful for push-ups.

-xo Jane

I’m grateful for the ability to travel. If traveling could be a hobby it would be mine. When people ask me what I like to do I always want to say travel but I feel like it’s such a showy thing to say. I took my first air plane ride when I was 6 months old and I haven’t stopped enjoying the ride yet. Here are a few shots of some of my favorite places I’ve been (that I found on my computer). Italy, New Orleans, Ireland, Seattle and Portland, Mexico, New York  and Costa Rica are represented here.

Sorry if my pictures are not super edited and hip…

I guess this is a perfect place to say that Seth and I are looking forward to a big vacation together next June. We plan to visit Ireland, Scotland and England. Both of our families are from across the pond so we are looking forward to seeing ‘where we are from’ together. If anyone has any tips or places to check out LET ME KNOW.

SO- seriously I love traveling and I love planning travel so cheers to the world and all it’s beautiful places.


Today I am grateful for…. Ayurveda.

No, I’m not super hard core about it or anything but I have learned so many life style changes and tips about my ‘dosha’ that have really ended up benefiting my life. Ayurveda is something I’m very interested in and it’s something that helped me get off taking perscription medicine for a thyroid issue. It teaches you how to try and heal your bodies root issues rather than just medicating a problem… etc.

Anyway, I was reading this great article this week about preparing for Fall the Ayurvedic way and I wanted to share it.

Do you know what your dosha is? Do you care? Maybe not but in the least Ayurveda teaches you to live and eat for the season and this article had some good tips for Fall.

Call me cooky but I’m very grateful for alternative medicine.

You guys, I had my first marg in over a month tonight! So my number 96 is…. I’m very grateful for a well crafted margarita.

Why my first one in over a month you ask? Well Seth and I just finished up a Fall detox so it was my little reward tonight after work. The weather in Santa Fe has really been pretty perfect lately so we decided to have our early evening cocktail on the porch with the mums and ravens (not pictured). While Seth snapped some of these pictures there was literally a murder of crows cruising up and down the neighborhood cackling.

Back to the point, I have mad love for a well crafted cocktail and extra points when it has tequila. Always silver never gold-  totes keeping it classy.


Warning: I just had to do this. Sorry bout it.

97: I am grateful for vampires. Whether fact or fiction I applaud the folk lore, stories, documentaries, movies and TV shows for such a classic character. It is true I love the ‘old’ vampires but I much appreciate the new and improved good looking vampires a bit more (seriously re-watch Interview with a Vampire and tell me BP and TC don’t look totally feminine and gross). This being said I am also well aware that if I actually met someone who considered themselves a vampire that those people would actually just be plain weirdos (wasn’t this a Law and Order SVU case?)- I get it, trust me.

I guess what I’m trying to get at here is more than I am grateful for vampires I am actually grateful for fictional characters (think Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or even the Hunger Games). Without them my life would be a little more boring- so cheers to you, you mystical beasts and monsters.


P.S. The Vampire Diaries new season starts next week just incase anyone wants spread the gratitude.



Number 98, I’m grateful for music and the ability to hear and enjoy it. I’d especially liked to note I’m grateful for music like this. Nathaniel Rateliff is superb and his first album was on repeat for me all summer. He just came out with a new one and this song, Still Trying is just a taste- I know it will be a Fall favorite for sure. So good and so grateful.


Well, it’s Monday night at 9:56pm and my thoughts seem to be all over the place. Tomorrow marks 99 more days of 2013- what are you doing to celebrate the occasion? Oh, it’s not an occasion to you? Funny- it’s a huge deal to me. It’s a count down! Count downs help me get through the mundane(ness) of every day- I have a count down to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Anniversary, New Years, Seth’s graduation and our big graduation vacation (June 2014).

So anyway I was trying to think of a good way to celebrate having 99 more days left of this year, I’ve actually been trying to think of it all weekend and was just drawing a huge blank.

Today I heard the news that one of my favorite bands is taking an indefinite break – I pondered this a while and then it all just clicked in my head- I’m going to do 99 days of things I am grateful for. In leu of the ‘thankful’ season yes but more so to help my inevitable pessimistic outlook I thought it might actually do me some good.

I’d also like to say that these things are not in ANY order and just because I’m starting with my cat doesn’t mean a thing. I’d also like to annouce I am m o r e than grateful for Seth, there are not enough words or space on the internet for me to express my gratitude and love for him.

That being said lets get started.


I am grateful for my cat, Boulder- for all animals really. I’ve loved every kind of animal since I was a little girl, I used to announce for everyone any animal I saw from the car window and I must admit (you can ask Seth) I still do!











“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.











Rock and Roll… sorta.

Here are a few things I learned tonight.

1. Lots of people really like One Republic

2. Lots of middle school girls r e a l l y like Sara Bareilles

3. Lots of people love to throw the rock and roll sign at pop concerts

4. Lots of people like to wear dresses and 4 inch heels to concerts

5. The smell of cooking hot dogs can be nauseating

6. There really is such thing as ‘stage presence’

7. Basically everyone in the world loves Breaking Bad and they think everyone in ABQ might just be cooking meth.

Anyway, I loved watching and hearing Sara and wish she could have played for hours (she seriously is so fantastic). I’m also reminded how fantastic live music is. Pure magic.

I should of counted but I’m pretty sure she said f*ck at least 5 or 6 times. Be a hater if you want but I loved tonight and want to say thanks to Seth for taking me to see her and for this wonderful, wonderful shirt.

and here is a view from our seats.

Thanks summer.

I’d like to take a minute to give a big thanks to summer in all her glory and heat.

I wish I could share all of the amazing and fun moments you gave me but mystery is sexy and not disclosing e v e r y t h i n g online has to still stand for something right?

But really, summer I’d like to thank you for all your awkward tan lines, farmers market trips, tequila, late nights, karaoke nights, visits from friends, visits to friends, brunches, for introducing me to rock climbing and just overall reminding me that life is fun.

You see I have this chronic problem with making things not fun. No I’m serious, like I make life not fun for myself and honestly probably for those in my close vicinity.  I worry and stress and pull myself out of the present moment to be somewhere else- all the time. If this summer taught me anything it taught me to try my hardest to not do that.

To remember this summer and my newfound personal wisdom and revelation I decided that I’d get a tattoo – yes me- a tattoo! If you know me I’ve never ever, ever thought I’d get one because I hate needles and I mean hate them. I’ve passed out too many times when I have to do anything involving them. But, I felt inspired and more than that I felt a little invincible (and that’s really what Summer is all about right?).

I decided that for my 26th birthday I’d do the deed, problem was… I was indecisive. Surprising, I know- sometimes it could take me an hour to just pick out a new hair product or soap. Anyway, I couldn’t decide what I wanted so I just went with both ideas and ended up ‘all tatted up’ or at least that’s what the tattoo artist told me when we wrapped up my 13-minute tattoo session.


Now I’d like to take a moment to introduce all of you to these new friends,


Aren’t they little and great. I think they are and really- that’s all that matters. And yes… I can cover them up with watches or bracelet for future potential job interviews.

Here is what they mean to me and yes this is the short version. In tradition there is alot of meaning behind both but I tried to give a brief description for the purpose that I get a little embarrassed talking about personal stuff like that out-loud or on the keyboard.


The circle: first it reminds me that I’m not stuck, that I’m not in a stagnant place like a straight line but that life comes full circle and is always evolving and changing. It also represents ‘karma’ to me and reminds me that what goes around comes around and to just always be nice and accepting of the moment.

The 3 lines: well the 3 lines represent identity and past, present and future. It reminds me that what is important is the here and the now but that all three, past present and future all shape me. It reminds me to make smart choices and that my identity is mine. Each day, however mundane is helping shape whatever that is. It reminds me to trust myself and be present.

And that is my overly wordy explanation of that. Do you have a tattoo? Do you want a tattoo? If so what and what to do they mean to you?

Also, I just really want to stess how much I am thanking summer for those awkward tan lines.

Hope that September is treating each of you well and that fall is easing itself slowly into your lives. I’m personally ecstatic for sweaters, scarves, boots and hot things and yes I’m going to go there- pumpkins. I know, it’s sooo trendy to love fall but I just do. It’s my season circa 1987 bitches.