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no make-up and incense from Andrea Jane on Vimeo.

make-up free and piñon incense

A few notes:

1. First time video blogging (can I even call this video blogging?!)- sorry bout it. Hope you don’t hate me for it.

2. Sorry for the sound/voice blur in the start of the video – not sure what happened. Aliens?

2. Obviously I wasn’t ‘in’ Australia, I meant to say that I was on an Aussie website. Trust me folks I can’t afford Australia- yet.

4. I really-really want to stress that I don’t believe there is anything wrong with make-up and wearing it. It’s great, it’s fun and it’s pretty! Right now I ‘m really trying to re-focus myself and my efforts. I honestly put alot of stress into hoping others see me a certain way and feeling pressure to look a certain way. I just realized I need to learn how to let that go if even a little bit. Thus, I’m going to teach myself to be around others sans make-up! It may sound silly, stupid or easy but for me it’s a challenge and a chapter that I’m excited to take. I’m just really excited lately  because I have been feeling like taking ‘action’ on my many thoughts and ideas and I just feel good hopeful about s t u f f and I have a bunch of new perspectives that I’m still trying to comprehend and live out. So, if you can just bear with me than great, fantastic, thank you and if you can’t and this post made you hate me… well then I suppose it was a pleasure to know you?

5. Don’t know what Piñon is? Well for starters it’s the smell of Santa Fe, NM- and here you go  it’s a pine tree ya’ll.

6. (Random)I think I might get a tattoo!!! I know, if you know me I’m terrified of needles and pain and needles.. and pain. BUT- I think I want a little tiny one. Maybe I’ll do it to mark my 26th year.