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ARGO!!! $%#@!

Just so all of you know Seth and I celebrated Argo’s win tonight by jumping in the snow. I’d also like to include that we have a 2 hour delay tomorrow which honestly probably gave way to our snow shesh but – Argo won! What?! So surprised and a little moved by Ben Affleck’s speech. I am going to admit, I am only 25 years old but one of my most memorable Oscar memories is when Ben Affleck and Matt Damon won best screen play for ‘Good Will Hunting’. That and the time Halle Berry cried when she won in 2001. Anyway, I loved Ben’s speech and all in all I just l-0-v-e the Oscars. I’ve watched them since I can remember and get teary every year for the memorial section. They inspire me to work harder and try more at figuring out who I want to be, the Oscars inspire me-that hard work and dedication pay off if not more than being in the right place at the right time does. I’d like to thank the Academy for NOT letting ‘The Master’ win anything and for letting people like Jennifer Lawrence and Ben Affleck inspire the rest of us.


The time I hated Bob Dylan AND why I might love vampires

Rediscover: Songs from my childhood

Do normal people hear cover’s of an old song and sort of stop dead in your tracks to let your mind rendezvous back to old memories?

Well, I am not particularly normal but I do this alot and most recently it happened with this cover by the Wailin’ Jennys –
Bright Morning Stars


When it first came on Pandora I stopped what I was doing and thought “I know this song”, after listening for a while longer I remembered the Emmylou Harris version from when I was little.


This took me back to the age of 5 and made me think of a few other songs that 1. helped shape my childhood and 2. make me realize now what good taste my parents had in music. I can remember hearing all of the following songs in my old house, I would be in the living room on a blue rug- twirling. Yes, twirling- I wasn’t an avid dancer as I child but I did love to spin in circles till I felt sick- go figure. Anyway, my parents used to listen to these songs on the record player (yes record player, they were hipsters before hipsters were hip!) and I would twirl away until one day, a day like today I realized how much these songs mean to me and how much they make me feel at home.


NOTE: as I child I am sure only the chorus stuck out to me, but as I revisited these songs today I wrote down the lyrics that I believe helped shape me and make me the person I am today.


Neil Young Heart of Gold
“I want to live, I want to give, I’ve been a miner for a heart of gold. It’s these expressions I never give that keep me searching for a heart of  gold” -I’d like to think that this song has given way to my epic desire for a heart of gold or in other words to treat others the way I want to be treated and just do right by all things. Oh, and yeah I am not perfect at that but it’s in my DNA to try really hard at this one. 


Emmylou Harris Bright Morning Stars
“Bright morning stars are rising day is a-breaking in my soul…they are down in the valley praying, day is a-breaking in my soul” -Not too sure what I thought of this song as a 5 year old, I probably thought it was a church song. I’d like to think that like it does today it gave me hope. Hope in a human beings deeper purpose in life. Since my life is a little mundane right now I can use all the hope I can get in this area- it could be the reason why I enjoy mystical creatures like vampires and songs like this- it gives me hope that there is some bit of magic to life. 


Bonnie Raitt Angel from Montgomery
“Just give me one thing that I can hold on to. to believe in this livin’ is just a hard way to go” -I am pretty sure that I was destined to be an ‘old soul’ even as a 5 year old, I remember loving this song and requesting it, after listening to the lyrics today I was a little blown away. I am sure my 5 year old self just liked Bonnie’s voice but these lyrics also stuck out to me. Which I mean come one how much more ‘old soul’ can you get then this. 


Bob Dylan Boots of Spanish Leather
“I got a letter on a lonesome day it was from her ship a-sailin’ saying i don’t know when I’ll be comin back again it depends on how I’m feelin’ “– Just to be clear I absolutely HATED Bob Dylan until I was like 22. I remember being dragged to one of his concerts when I was like 12 and feeling utterly embarrassed and so upset at my parents. Now I appreciate that I’ve basically grown up listening to this guy and even against my will some of his lyrics stuck. I remember listening to this song with my Mom in the car- I’d like to think that my wanderlust spirit stems from lyrics like these. 


The Beatles A Hard Day’s Night
“It’s been a hard days’ night and I’ve been working like a dog it’s been a hard days night I should be sleeping like a log” – NEVER MORE TRUE THAN RIGHT NOW #adultlife #rough Thanks Beatles you always have the right words to say. Also, my first crush was Ringo (because of his big nose) but then I ultimately fell for Paul (incase anyone wanted to know). Have you seen the movie they did “A Hard Day’s Night” or “Yellow Submarine”? Well they are the best and you should, in A Hard Day’s Night they have this bed that is dug into the floor and covered in pillows I coveted it as a small person. 


Doc Watson Froggie Went A-Courtin
“He took Miss Mousie right on his knee ah hah, And he says “Miss Mousie; would you marry me?” ah hah, ah hah, ah hah…..the first come in was a big June Bug ah hah- A-dancin’ around with a half-a-pint jug, ah hah, ah hah, a hah…– So this song I remember absolutly loving as a little kid, after hours of Bonnie Raitt, Van Morrison and Bob Dylan I would request the “Froggie Song”- I am pretty sure any little kid would love it. My favorite parts where when he asked Miss Mousie to marry him- duh totes obvi! and then I liked the way he said ‘June Bug’… I see know how easy it was to please me at 5 years old. 


I am a firm believer in such romantic notions that the music I was forced to listen to a thousand times by my parents in some way stuck and helped form certain views I hold on myself and on the world itself. Believe me or not, what songs take you back to your childhood and how do they make you feel today?

The Sartorialist - Personal Portraits from ACTA on Vimeo.

isn’t this just full of class? it’s simply wonderful…

Fog from Caleb & Shawn on Vimeo.

i like this.

the broccoli soup episode

Just so everyone knows where I’m at in life, last night I tried to make broccoli soup.

For Context: I’d like to clarify that I’ve made broccoli soup before and I’m also starting a 3 week cleanse tomorrow involving eating lots of veggies, fruits and lentils. I am starting this cleanse tomorrow because when things in my life get hectic I like to feel in control of something and sometimes the only way I can do that is with small personal goals. Trust me, I get that this isn’t my best quality but I am aware that I do it and so that is just where I am at. January was a big month in which I had high hopes, my high hopes were not diminished but they were put on a bit of a hold with the [and I am going to just be flat out honest here] death of two relatives within a week of each other. Not to mention that this is the busiest time at work and I have had loooooooots of social interaction which sometimes leaves me feeling like a crumpled up paper bag.
Where was I- oh broccoli soup. So I don’t own one of those fancy immersion blenders that you can just put in your soup pot and ta da soup, so I poured my still pretty hot really hot soup mixture into the blender until it was just about full. I realize now this should have been a red flag but I pressed on anyway (in a very courageous way). I put the lid on, plugged it in and turned it on. EXPLOSION! hot broccoli soup mixture was all over me, all over my kitchen and my heart sank. From that point I proceeded to cry for 35 minutes. I don’t know how much you know about crying but 35 minutes is a pretty good amount of time. I think I scared Seth who quickly helped me clean up the mess and reassure me it was all okay…but onward the tears proceeded (in a very courageous way).
I decided to take a shower and just get ready for bed and eventually they subsided into something I can kind of  laugh about today. I’m not sure how your New Year, week, or day has been going but I wanted to reassure you and myself that we are all human and right now… well I’m at that point where my blender explodes full of broccoli soup and I cry about it for 35 minutes.
Isn’t it fun being a girl, Seth or any other guy I know would NEVER act that way. I guess us girls should think of that as a talent; the capability of holding onto every tiny miniscule frustration until one wrong move in the kitchen can cause a buck-wild episode of emotion that will not only scare any male in the perimeter but scare you as well.
Sigh, the joys of life. Ha-ha, tomorrow is a new day and for me will be filled with fruits and vegetables and water… looks like I’m setting myself up for success with this brilliant idea.
I’ll let you know how it ends up!
Ciao- xo