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dinner at one of our fav places. extra points if you know where it is !


Ciao people, here is a brief update on some of my favorite and non favorite things at the moment.

  1. Favorite music: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis 
  2. Favorite scent: Honeysuckle – this basically means that my heart is pining for summer or at least spring
  3. Non-favorite thing: having feet the temperature of ice blocks ALL THE TIME
  4. Favorite new TV find: (new to me) Downton Abbey- saw it for this first time this past weekend in Austin and lllloovvveeed it!
  5. Non Favorite thing: #adultlife am I right?
  6. Favorite color: black just like my soul….. JUST KIDDING about the last part at least
  7. Favorite way to 1. pass time and 2. alter my mood: (yes, I did just blog about Animal Planet’s Kitten Cam d-e-a-l with it)
  8. Non-favorite TV Show: The Bachelor and The Biggest Loser = the horror!
  9. Favorite Treat: KING CAKE! Real ones from New Orleans though not the fake stuff
  10. Favorite Thing Ever: L-O-V-E… Despite my bleak and dismal daily mundane life I often feel overwhelmed by and with love for my friends and family and honestly that is just my most favorite thing ever. EVER.

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