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three things i feel sarcastic about.

i feel sarcastic about new age(y) things being trendy
  • oh, new age stuff is trendy? okay cool i love it then. This may not be an issue for you but living in Santa Fe it is an ultra issue all the time. New age this and new age that. My moral code is very much “to each their own” except when people love something just because it is trendy. I hate that, I actually hate it even more when the trend has to do with crystals, flowy hemp clothing, interpreting dreams and who the latest guru is. Honestly you wouldn’t believe some of the things you can eavesdrop into around Santa Fe it’s some funny stuff- so for that I am very thankful for the laughs. People just take it to another level in a very public way and it’s exhausting. I have had my fill about Earth’s DNA, Sandalwood and the lofty smell of MJ in the air.
i feel sarcastic about surface level conversation
  • It has it’s time and place but being a person of a few words… surface level conversation KILLS me. Like seriously, I come home from work and most days feel like a zombie. It’s exhausting having to chit chat all day about oh you know the latest honey boo boo episode or Magic Mike or what you are eating for lunch. NO JOKE. and to set the record REAL straight I despise the show Honey Boo Boo and have absolutely zero interest in reading 50 Shades of Grey. Let me paint this picture for you, I’m the girl with a Harry Potter poster in her cube at work, I don’t curse around strangers and I have a Perks of Being a Wallflower quote as my desktop back ground… you walking up to me to talk to me about the last 4 chapters of 50 Shades of Grey and referencing it to “soft porn”  leaves me speechless. I’ve got nothing- n o t h i n g to say. If only it was socially acceptable for my sarcastic one-liners to be said in response.
i feel sarcastic about the new urban outfitters catalogue
  • Did you get it? It’s horrible in my opinion, it didn’t make me want to buy anything. It was like a 15 page spread of grainy editorial shots of skinny messy haired people in hipsters clothes. It is not a a catalogue. In fact I am pretty sure it went into the fire place sometime this week and I am also pretty sure that is why nothing from UO is on my Christmas Wish List. But really, again with the trendy thing- you are a catalogue! Isn’t the purpose to get people to buy things, how can they buy things from a collection of artsy pictures. Some things don’t need to be hipsterified, especially when the product you are selling are purple velvet skirts and flowy sheer shirts and expose the whole midriff. Keep it simple, keep it traditional please. ((Thank you JCrew- you are so tried and true)).
Well, those are my ramblings. Just a few things that have been under my skin lately, in the greater picture of things- WTFC (who the fuck cares). These are not pressing issues in any way but i thought it would be nice to not talk about pressing issues that actually leave people with hurt feelings. With Thanksgiving right around the corner no one needs any hurt feelings.