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hello there its friday and i had a date a date

hello there, it’s friday and i had a date. a date with myself!

seth is at work tonight all night so i decided to take advantage of the much needed introvert time. got some good white wine and some peppers! yum. i’m convinced that if i didn’t have seth i’d never eat an actual meal- don’t worry i threw a salad in there too to balance it all out.

my night has consisted of some one on one time with jillian michaels, whole foods shopping with some creepers, TVD marathon and some of my favorite foods. oh, did i mention i’ve wasted countless hours on pinterest as well… oops!

i have to remember that sometimes it’s nice to do nothing, have no plans and enjoy some of your favorite things. missing my love but happy to have a little bit of chill time tonight.

much needed- cheers!



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i just love this

ciao, lolz, #totes, ttyl

Communication is something valued and needed in everyday life but for me communication has been exhausting.

M-F I am required to communicate a l o t. This means when I come home for the day I’m fried- sorta like that bug eyed question mark over head cartoon character. The sad thing is that it means alot of my other relationships are lacking due to my inability to function socially after work. I thought about how I can make this better and I feel like being socially connected all the time isn’t helping me. I need some social boundaries.
I never thought as an adult that I’d have to set boundaries for myself and I don’t know about for you but I’m in serious need of some! I’ve also found that as an adult it seems harder for people to accept your boundaries. Well that’s tough right? It leaves me feeling like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I’m a rule following polite reserved human being which honestly sometimes feels like just being myself is the hardest thing ever. I never want to put someone out, make someone feel left out or leave anyone hanging- but because of my current situation I often neglect the things I need for myself.

Because of this I have made some social (media) rules for myself. I’m hopeing they will help me feel more grounded and also help my friends know what’s up with me (if your not my close friend you wouldnt know but basically I am not a fan being on the phone and after work I actually despise it).

Rule #1: I’m going to consistently update this blog with personal stories about how things are going for me. I’ll explain hardships and share excitement as well as post some thoughts I constantly mull over. I am hoping it will give a glimpse into my/our life and how I/we am/are especially during this time while frankly I’m not into talking.

Rule #2: I will continue to use twitter as a place to share silly, depressing, happy snip-its of my day.

Rule #3: Facebook will only be kept and used to ‘keep up with the times’. Periodically I will share a status, video or pictures. Basically I only want to keep FB around to keep up with family and friends around the world who primarily only use Facebook. I will not check the FB but a couple times a week.

Rule#4: instagram, sigh….. I really have a love hate thing going on here. I don’t think I can set boundaries on the type of photos I post so I’ve decided to just not be so present on there. I don’t want to check it 17 times a day and I don’t want post photos of the wall where I am doing everyday things e v e r y d a y.

Rule #5: emails and video messages- will increase. When I think about a friend and or family member I’ll actively send them an e-mail and or video message. (I way prefer VM to Skype or FaceTime). I also think that above texting I will use these two things. Don’t worry I’m not giving up texting but more using it for funny, checking in, quick questions…

And that’s that! I hope I can stick to it I hope it can work. To my friends and family I apologize for my lack of or delay of communication – its really not you it’s me.


weekend update: this weekend my parents were in town, it was really great to spend some time with them and of course eat some ‘home-made by Mom and Dad food’. While my Mom was here she helped me get a few things planted in our new little yard. It’s a little late to be planting but we still picked a few great things. Snap peas, Little Jack pumpkins, shiesdo peppers, and a mix of some pretty flowers (marigolds and cosmos, I have always loved marigolds). I’m so banking on my little pumpkins to grow because duh- Falls my favorite! I’ve never had a huge green thumb and honestly get a little bothered when my hands are dirty- but I’m committing to this gardening thing even if it means multiple hand washings to get it done. Here’s a picture of the goods- still all brand new. I’ll have to do a follow up if… I mean when things start to take off.

life realization #1

there are 39 days until my 25th birthday. this is important because today i realized something, something big (something big for me). after getting to spend 4 days with one of my newest, dearest and sweetest best friends… i had to inevitably say goodbye. i’m not good at goodbyes and get a little stuck in my head. none the less i dropped her off at the airport, said goodbye and started my drive back to Santa Fe.

on my way home and in the process of getting a little teary eyed i felt weak. feeling weak is not a new feeling for me, not even close. my whole life other people and thought or assumed (or whatever) that i was weak. this lead me down a path to pretty much think that i was (weak?NBD!). as a result i am constantly trying to be stronger.

wait for it….. on my drive home today i realized 39 days before my 25th birthday that ‘in my weakest moment, i am strong’. whhhhattt?! it’s true! maybe that makes sense to you and maybe it doesn’t. but it means something to me and i feel like it will be a theme for my 25th year. ‘in my weakest moment, i am strong’. i’ve really never understood that saying until this afternoon. most of the time in my ‘moment of weakness’ in my tears or my emotions i assume that is my weakness coming out, but today- today i felt like it was a symbol of my strength the strength that i get up and try for every day.

ahhh, relization is the new bliss.

peace out,

xo -jane