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red and gold

red and gold for a great ‘golden’ week over here. here’s to hoping! 

golden weeks for us all i say! cheers 🙂


that’s right i said soupin.

that is what we are doing tonight, staying cozy and warm and eating soup. today, april 14 it snowed again in santa fe. it was sooo windy and quite chilly most of the day and then #boom snow… so i thought well what better thing to do than make soup.

so, i made one of my favorites- potato soup. i’ve eaten potato soup since like forever and my mom’s recipe is still my fav.

so if it is still chilly where you are, or if you just feel like some mom potato soup this is for you. (note some of the best recipes don’t need actual recipes; so here is the general gist of this soup)

1. wash, scrub and peel (but don’t peel away all) the skin of a bunch of potatoes. today i used a bag of the red, white and purple potatoes.

2. add cleaned and cut potatoes to a big soup pot- cover with water and boil till potatoes are about half way done cooking about…. 15-20 min.

3. drain potatoes

4. add some butter or olive oil to the soup pot, throw in some cut celery (3-4 stalks), 1 carrot and 1 onion both chopped.

5. cook down for about 5-7 minutes and add some garlic, S&P, and oregano.

6. put cooked potatoes back in pot and cover with milk (i use 2% for this recipe)

7. make sure everything is just covered with the milk, cover and leave at medium heat until it simmers for about 20-30 minutes. NEVER LET THE MILK BOIL!!!!

8. serve it up, we put bacon and sharp cheddar on top of ours.

i know the hip thing is to not drink milk or eat things such as potatoes and cheese and well bacon.. and i get that (trust me i do) but sometimes you just want some good old fashioned soup like mom used to make.

xo-cheers to you from this chilly night in santa fe.

P.S. please note that in the above photo, this is my favorite place mat. the little girl is asking the ducks if she should eat her eggs with toast!



i almost missed out on a long standing tradition this weekend. dyeing easter eggs.

i’ve dyed easter eggs since i was born and i almost let it slip this weekend, i had the silly notion that it really didn’t matter. i’m sure glad i came to my sense’s and that Seth and I could sneak dyeing them into the last few hours of easter weekend.

you see lately work and life in general have really been overwhelming for me to the point where i have felt like i have nothing worth while to say on any topic at any time. because of this slight chaos i felt like it didn’t matter if i/we did anything for easter or not. (don’t worry- i snapped back into reality earlier today). i realized that i’ve dyed eggs for the past 23 years and i wasn’t about to let a chaotic and busy schedule interfere in such a tradition.

traditions are neat things and no matter how silly they seem they mean something- so i told myself to not give up on that. i need silly traditions right now, i need them to help me grow up, help me get through awkward spots, help me feel grounded in a world i didn’t really know existed. if i could i’d let my sociologist side come out and let you know that in sociology you are almost taught to take a stand back and view traditions as something to analyze and develop theories on. because of this i have felt a little disconnected from my own sad- i know. i tend to take a step back from life to analyze and think about life rather than just living and doing.

so it still being easter weekend for the next hour and 2 minutes i want to communicate to the world wide web that i’ve taken note. i can not always be a wallflower evaluating and analyzing things, when it comes to my own life i need to do, i need to live. so thank God for traditions. they make me feel connected to people, to my people.

i’m so thankful for my family, the people who have taught me to have traditions to have fun and who have and will continue to impact my life even when i’m sitting on the sidelines.


sidenote: one of my favorite easter memories is when we went to visit my aunt/uncle and cousins in florida. i was about 7 and my parents and aunt/uncle went out for dinner. my cousins were left to dye easter eggs with me, being the youngest and only girl i did however get to choose they dye. i picked the tye-dyed glitter option. needless to say all our eggs turned out to be a glittery mess of teenage mutant ninja turtle green and brown. simple i know, but this was the only time i’ve ever tired a different egg dye than the normal one and i kinda love the fact i was left with 3 boys to dye glittery easter eggs.

what is your favorite easter memory? think about it and then… never forget it!