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random facts

here are some random facts and fiction statements about me. because i know you all are t o t a l l y dying to know some more 411 on me. :l

fact: i drink like 6 cups of tea a day. no joke.
fiction: i hate french fries…
fact: i took my first airplane ride when i was 6 months old. loved traveling ever sense.
fiction: i love the reality tv show the bachelor
fact: i could go without speaking for days
fact: i’ve eaten a hundred year egg and balut
fiction: i like unloading the dishwasher
fact: i love to cook, bake and… eat!
fiction: my favorite restaurants are dimly lit and really loud
fact: i’m an introvert and recently am really loving that about myself
fiction: i have mad skillz at chit chat with strangers
fiction: i never worry about anything- ever.

Xo- Jane