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pieces of my home with a dash of the sunday blues

we decided to re-do our mantle set up this weekend- this was the outcome. don’t mind the empty frames my prints are on order 🙂 i think i’m liking it. we have this kind of odd kiva fireplace that is painted in the most southwest orange and tan ever. anything modern looks lame-o. so i went for an vintage-chic-anthropology feel. 

any-who. it’s that time again. sunday blues- the day when the thought of 5 straight work days makes me want to bury my head in the sand. i’m not sure if its the 8 hours of sitting, or the mundaneness that drive me up the wall. why didn’t they teach this stuff in school? like how to cope with the real world, sitting for long periods of time, and using little none of your actual brain power. i feel like work sometimes is just like busy work was in school- something that just tied you up from doing something actually fun, engaging or enjoyable. the thing is i’m not really sure what my other fun-engaging-enjoyable thing is right now (besides hanging with my awesome hubby of course). needless to say i’m just a twenty something stuck in the rat race, still finding my course in life. with luck i’ll make the right choices, or not, say the right things, or not – that will eventually melt my sunday blues away. here is to hoping right? 

SIDENOTE:this banter might be because i also have an employee review that was postponed from friday to monday. and i’ve spent a large portion of my weekend dwelling on my strengths and weaknesses’ – i am t o t a l l y the life of the party can’t you tell! 

ehh.. it’ll all work out in the end. peace world and sweet dreams!

I Believe I can Fly ( flight of the frenchies). Trailer from sebastien montaz-rosset on Vimeo.

Cray – French

this is totally awesome. the french are cra-cra!

wish i was this brave.

Good eats

Another great eats!

Tune Up Cafe- open for breakfast, lunch and dinner till 10pm. Honestly this place is open an extra hour than the many old timer joints in Santa Fe. The food it terrific.

Check this place out if you are ever in The City Different. 

Wednesday blues

What’s the best way to beat the Wednesday blues- with salad duh!

S and I have been wanting to try this salad bistro out for like 6 months and tonight we finally did it. 

Must say it is our new favorite and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone in the Santa Fe area. It’s called Vinaigrette and depending on the season they grow most if not all of their produce on a 10-acre farm called Los Portales in Nambé, New Mexico. 

Here is there website to check them out and I’m telling you if you are in Santa Fe, eat here it’s to die for! Oh, and it’s super cute too.. 


Things I Suggest: 

2 pretty thought provoking documentaries, 

What the Bleep do we Know and Forks over Knives. 

So boys and girls if you enjoy a good documentary like Jane the Philosopher does… (Love Actually spin…) anywho check them out. I’m not saying you have to agree, or like them, or change your life afterward- I’m just saying they are thought provoking and we could all use some of that!


NM adventure

S and I had a little New Mexican adventure this weekend to the Rio Grande Gorge. You’d think being a New Mexico native that I would have been here before.. but nope. It was beautiful, and scary can’t forget the scary part. It was so far down and the cars driving on the bridge made it move which was just not my favorite part- but you can’t beat the views. Beautiful New Mexico views.. 

 Sometimes life can feel a little mundane and boring so I encourage you and myself to get up and get out find out what is surrounding you! It could be fun, it might be dull, but in the end in someway I bet it will be beautiful- so take the time to enjoy it. 

 To help you: check out this iphone app called “Trover” it’s a pretty alright app that lets you see discoveries in your area based on friends or other ‘explorers’. PLUS it’s free 🙂 so just do it!

life is an adventure

Life is an adventure, flexibility is key and things don’t ALWAYS go as planned. 

S and I planned a little life getaway to Denver this past weekend, to 1. celebrate our anniversary 2. escape the world 3. start the new year right- duh! 

3 things went wrong 1. snow 2. Raton Pass 3. my 56 year old British woman maturity and responsibility. 

(I’m not even kidding sometimes in cases of extreme anxiety and stress I morph into the stiffest 56 year old British woman you could imagine- it’s WAY fun) 

Seriously though they close Raton Pass for just about everything and we’ve been SOL a few times because of it. LONG STORY—-> short, we had to cut our fabulous weekend short. You might imagine that this caused a few tears and then well….. you’d be right. As much as I’m good at worrying I’m good at crying. It’s my thing. Now, don’t take that the wrong way I know there is an appropriate time and place for tears and I bet you fifty bucks I’d never even imagine crying in front of you. MORTIFIED 

I’m a great private cry just not such a good public crier. 

In the midst of snow packed roads, blurry windows and eyes I proceeded to talk about how it would be a horrible year because everything was just ruined. I just had to get it out people – don’t judge me. I knew I sounded ridiculous but sometimes 56 year old British women need to just let it and cry too. 

Then a car spun around to the oppoiste direction on our side of the interstate and procedded to slide across 4 lanes of traffic. MORTIFIED I promptly started to dry my tears, get it together and decided to make the most of it. 

S and I decided that we’d sleep in late (after driving thru the nite) eat whatever we wanted, watch movies and go out to a good dinner the next day. It was perfect… and more needed then the weekend away. 

Here’s a look at how our adventurous weekend ended full of laughs, smiles and love!

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

-John Lennon

Happy 2012- Be flexible this year, just go with it- who knows what you could find!

XO- Jane