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Happy Festivus

Happy Festivus People!!!


heart melting.

fact about me: paul is my favorite of the fab four. always has been always will be.

i secretly wish i could have lived through Beatlemania in the 60’s.

cheers and smiles

12 things making my world go ‘round. 

1. the smell of Santa Fe. Santa Fe always smells good but it’s particularly intoxicating around Christmas time. 

2. our fireplace. fires, cold weather and the holidays just go hand in hand. 

3. Seth 🙂 he’s just so consistent and solid. i need those 2 things. 

4. snow. i am convinced that snow falling is one of the prettiest things on earth.

5. technology. love it. hate it. – but it helps me connect with those i love and for that i am grateful. 

6. chocolate. chocolate saves me… sometimes everyday. 

7. growing up. love the feeling of growing up with a (small) selection of people you’ve known your whole life. it’s all about feeling connected somehow anyway people. 

8. Christmas trees– REAL ones. they smell like heaven. 

9. books. books help keep me sane. – true statement. i cannot tell a lie. 

10. humor. inside jokes. office humor. laughter

11. snuggling extra long because it’s so cold outside the bed. best. 

12. tea. i love tea and every time i find a new flavor i like, i fall in love all over again. #tealush 

Double Standards

double-standards suck.

love ellen and this!

🙂 -Happy Friday peeps

i drink wine and juice.

dear internet world,

i’d just like to share with you the fact that i eat cookies, i eat carrots and hummus, i drink wine and i drink juice. and no i don’t mean your nice cocktail of cranberry/grape and cane sugar, i mean you hearty mix of kale, carrots, apples, spinach and if i’m lucky pear. real juice, manly juice not the girly sugary stuff. i eat pizza and i eat quinoa, i eat meat dinners and i eat vegan/vegetarian dinners. i’ll drink a coke and then i’ll drink a coconut water, i’ll have real whipped cream and i’ll eat squash. i eat dessert whenever possible and drink coffee alot. i drink water all day and snack on celery and nuts. i love tea and i love hot chocolate. fried pickles are one of my favorites and so are roasted brussel sprouts. i eat 5-7 times a day, i do not skip meals. i get grouchy and unbearable when hungry as well as lightheaded, sweaty and flushed. 

not that the world is so interested in my food comsumption, but i believe in moderation. i am a real person with a real body and i eat real food. i don’t starve myself i don’t deprive myself and most importantly i will not hate myself. 

i makes me sad/upset hearing about diets and people who are feeling so bad about themselves physically that they restrict calories and obsess. life is not about obsession or restrictions. it may have taken me a bumpy road to realize this – but i did. eat, laugh and be merry. love life and love yourself. 

food shouldn’t rule our conversations, our minds or our worries. 

Enjoying This

enjoying this.

sometimes i think i was born in the wrong decade for many, many reasons… love this! seeing the evolution of dress and fashion- what could be better!

Happy Thursday people!

Life as of late

life as of late, according to my iphone pictures. 

life as of late

life as of late, according to my iphone pictures.