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high points/low points

low points of my week so far.

  • had to be in one of THE worst staff meetings ever. it was full of competition and PA (passive aggressiveness) it made me want to run for the hills, hide under a rock! But, more seriously it made me consider becoming a hermit permanently. (you think i’m kidding but i’m totally not)
  • seth broke our crock pot, it ‘slipped’ out of the refrigerator. initial thought “NOOO not the CROCK POT… makes cooking so easy”. No worries though we promptly ordered a new one. It’s probably a super good thing because we probably would starve without the good o’l CP. 
  • i haven’t done my hair all week. i’ve washed it- so don’t get totally grossed out yet. i just haven’t actually done it, so it’s a cross between limp/bedhead/curly. makes me feel SUPER attractive. RWAR.. (did i just rwar? i don’t know who i am anymore so please excuse any weird behavior)
  • i was forced to decorate the office of job #1 today, with the most chit chatty person of my life. after a worksesh with this one i feel like i could again- run for the hills, hide under a rock! But, more seriously it makes me consider becoming a hermit permanently. (i need my space and quite time people!)
  • found out i have to work Saturday, which means 14 days straight. Yes, I’ll be accepting all offers to run me over. please send request by owl post too…..
  • remembered i have a To Do list with about 100 things on it. #FAIL

okay, i better stop and get some highs out – or else. 

  • i get paid tomorrow, everyone loves pay day right? 
  • hmm, i get to have a chinese reflexology foot massage on Saturday afterwork. Yes, i said chinese- and get over it! they are fantastic, love them ALOT. 
  • my parents sent me a letter in the mail, i love getting mail. 
  • seth surprised me with flowers, hot cocoa a new candle AND getting to catch up on some missed TV shows. again, don’t judge me.. TV shows make me happy so EAT it. 
  • had my first piece of pumpkin pie today from Whole Foods, where I proceeded to see Elton Johns Doppleganger. No joke it was him- I’m so lucky i know. 
  • at this exact moment i can hear my next door single male neighbor singing while people take turns doing keg stands. you may wonder why this is a high, but it reminds me that I AM NOT A SINGLE WHITE MALE. oh the sorrow it must sometimes bring. 
  • seth is done with mid-terms and did great, this actually out shines everything else. 
  • oh, i almost forgot on wednesday between jobs seth took me to the dog park to watch the puppies. you can laugh, but i love doing this, i love puppies. it made my day. 

xox- Jane


If you’re creative or even think you’re sometimes creative, you’ve got to watch this video. It’s 20 minutes but totally inspiring. Elizabeth Gilbert sheds a new light or rather an old light on the creative process and how to handle it.

I know we all have schedules and (really) who wants to watch a 20 minute youtube video, I promise it’s good GREAT stuff. Unless of course your a total type A personality — in which case you’d probably hate this and not identify with it at all. Still even then I think it would stir something inside you.