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I thought this was the perfect Monday, start of the work week inspiration. It’s easy to day dream, it’s easy to night dream too… but dreams are just dreams until we take steps to act upon them.

Sometimes I think about how nice it would be to not have to work, to just do whatever I wanted all day every day but then I saw this image twice on Pinterest via Nikki Hirigoyen and Amanda Tyler and then on Instagram: maker_interiors (3rd times a charm!)- and well ladies and gentlemen I was just sold.

Nothing feels as good as hard work does. Even with the stress of it all. In the end completing a job or knowing you gave ‘it’ your best effort is the same if not more then 100 high-fives, 50 slaps on the back, 25 likes, 10 massages….

It’s just always worth it, it’s worth it because it gives you worth. I think back on times when I was working at things I didn’t really enjoy and still, still after the longest, hardest (I cried in the bathroom) days – I still went home knowing and feeling worth in myself for a job well done.

I needed this reminder that I don’t want a breezy life, I want the life I dreamed of because I worked for it…




“Well, I know now. I know a little more how much a simple thing like a snowfall can mean to a person.” –
Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals

hi, happy friday!

i have laryngitis and now sound exactly like batman when i talk. it’s cool and by cool i mean embarrassing. laryngitis and a slight fever did not stop me from enjoying a snowy santa fe this morning, i know… don’t tell my mom!

it’s just… it’s the little things that make life so fulfilling and waking up to snow this morning, i couldn’t resist.

here’s what my neighborhood looked like this morning, beautiful!

enjoy the little things today, snow covered or not.


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HBD Robert Burns!

Happy Birthday to my Great, Great, Great, Great… Grandfather Robert Burns!

My inner nerd is going to come out now and let you in on a secret. I’m really into genealogy, you know like 85 year old Episcopal church ladies. Ha! My family has always had an interest in genealogy, where we came from etc… and I totally caught the bug!

Knowing about your ancestors and where they came from can be pretty cool, like me you could learn that you are a direct decedent of someone pretty cool- like Robert Burns, Scotland’s national poet. I’ve known that I’m related to Burns my whole life, he was kind of a big deal in my family. On my Dad’s side of the family “Burns” and “Bess” are very common first or middle name and in the 70’s my Great Grandparents traveled back to Scotland to donate several family heirlooms back to the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum.

In the last few years I’ve been surprised to learn that people celebrate his birthday (January 25th) with what is called a Burns Night Supper. It’s a whole night dedicated to celebrating him, you eat traditional Scottish food, drink whiskey and recite some of his most famous poems.

Now, you may be reading this and saying “who the hell is Robert Burns” haha, it’s no big deal and if you don’t know him there really isn’t a huge reason why you should. BUT, you will probably know him from this song…

Recognize that? Maybe you’ll recognize it from this,

It’s the traditional song we sing on New Year’s Eve as the ball drops or right when the clock strikes midnight and the new year begins. It’s one of my favorite songs (truly; I did a report on it in the 5th grade), if you listen to the words and whats being said it’s just so… deep, and knowing that I’m related to someone who wrote that, well it just makes my day.

You might also know Robert Burns from this prayer- the ‘Selkirk Grace’

Some hae meat and canna eat, And some wad eat that want it, But we hae meat and we can eat, And sae the Lord be thankit.

My family has said this prayer (the more updated english language version) my whole life.

So, how am I related to this ‘bard’ of Scotland? Well first things first – you need to know that Robert Burns had several mistresses and several children with them and his wife. My ancestor was Elizabeth Paton, who had Burns’s first child, Elizabeth Paton Burns. Elizabeth Paton was a servent to Burns mother and the baby, Elizabeth Paton Burns stayed in the care of Robert Burns mother until he passed away and she went back to live with her own mother at age… 21. There is a poem about her called, ‘A Poet’s Welcome to his Love-Begotten Daughter’. 

When I was pulling this blog together I actually found a family tree diagram that had MY NAME on it? What? LOOK,

Picture 1

^^That’s me, Andrea J. Britt (maiden name)^^ Here is the actual link, to find me or my family you need to scroll down till you see Elizabeth Paton on the left hand side. 

While trying to find some pictures of the Burns Museum I stumbled across these, 2 pictures of Scotland that I took 21 years ago with a purple film camera that I took everywhere with me (it had automatic load and rewind). For some reason, I just love there amateur and grainy look.




^^Here I am, 21 years ago standing outside the Burns Museum^^ – we have a better picture of me and my dad and you can see the whole home with it’s thatched roof and all, but sadly my parents couldn’t figure out how to scan/copy and e-mail it to me super fast. But, I promise on the back of this picture in my Mom’s handwriting it says Burns Museum,  Ayr Scotland.


^^I found a statue of Burns in Central Park on my first visit to the City and was so thrilled and made Seth take my picture with him^^


^^That little old lady is my Great Grandma, Bess Burns Liver Weimer, she was fierce and an amazing cook^^

See, family history and genealogy can be really cool. You can discover some pretty amazing facts and stories along the way- my favorite thing to think about is whether or not certain skills or traits are passed down through genes or if they are absorbed through the telling of stories? I have a huge love of writing and for words and I also love to cook. I can’t help but wonder if it’s all in my genes or if for the love of my family I’ve wanted and taken on those same traits to in some small way emulate where and who I come from.

I guess we will never know!

Cheers- now go discover your family and your story!



sh*t day

I’ve had a shit day.

Today, Tuesday January 20th 2015 has just been one of those days. You know the kind where one thing after another leaves you a little stunned. Nothing is going my way today, from my hair to my car to trying to get around town (I thought the tourists were supposed to be gone by now?). I stood in line at the post office for 37 minutes and like 12 seconds because of course, I counted. I also let myself sleep in so I rushed around getting ready and eating breakfast this morning like I was a crazy person. I have a zit that I’m just sure the ENTIRE world can see and is judging and I ate trail mix and 3 pieces of chocolate for lunch (aka NO vegetables, like I’m supposed to).SIGH.

As much as I want to be on top of things (my life) I’m just not right now, I’m running from one thing to the next and juggling too much in my head and in my arms. My acupuncturist told me that my pulse feels like a car that someone let run for 5 days straight. So, that is cool right?

Just when I think I get the hang of this thing called life, I get a wake up call that I don’t. Just when I zen myself out enough to think my tomorrow will be rose blossoms and fairies- it’s not.Oh, and my hair is dirty and you better believe I’ve noticed everyone elses hair who looks just outstandingly perfect today- but not mine.

That’s life though right? I mean when we whittle it down to the core that is just life? Sometimes we are heavy hearted and sometimes we are not?

I want my life to the most beautiful Instagram feed you ever did see, every day all day- and it’s not. I want my workout regime and diet to be Women’s Health cover worthy- but it’s not. I want my attitude to win some character counts awards- and it just doesn’t.

I really struggle with this, with assuming my life/year/week/day should be one way and then having to accept that it sort of went the total opposite. To be honest I struggle with this every day of my life and like most things I haven’t figured out how to just let that go yet. ANY TIPS ARE WELCOMED!!!

I wish I would though, I have a feeling it would turn my ‘shit days’ to just ‘days’.

Oh, since you are one the kindest humans and just read through my bad day ramblings I wanted to share some of these super cute photos with you. They helped remind me to take the good with the bad and just s t o p and smell the roses.


Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset



^^say hello to pet therapy^^


^^luckily married to the greatest guy who both loves me and makes me laugh every day^^


^^because whiskey ice cream, duh^^

S&A (337 of 847)

^^friends and family who just ‘get me’^^


^^champagne, the most perfect drink ever created^^


Christmas Movies

‘On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Eleven Pipers Piping, Ten Lords a Leaping, Nine Ladies Dancing, Eight, Maids a Milking, Seven Swans a Swimming, Six Geese a Laying, Five Golden Rings, Four Calling Birds, Three French Hens, Two Turtle Doves and a Partridge in a Pear Tree’…AND I give to you my favorite Christmas movies.

When it comes to Christmas movies people can have some big opinions on their all time favorites. I’m a firm believer in ‘to each their own’. So, here are my all time favorite Christmas in order.

1. Love Actually. Love Actually is one of my favorite movies ever really but Christmas time gives me an excuse to watch it 14 times and feel okay about it. Here is one of my favorite scenes …..


2. Home Alone I and Home Alone II (not the III one). Growing up I LOVED this movie and would laugh hysterically at basically the whole thing. My favorite characters were ALWAYS the old man and the bird woman. Even as a 7 year old I loved how they turned out to be kind people.



3. A White Christmas – I mean the outfits, the songs…. I don’t know how someone can’t like this one. That being said my Mom doesn’t like it so I have to sneak it in before family time.


4. Elf….. there are just too many good lines in this one. (SANTA….i KNOOOWWWW HIM!!!!!!!)


5. Miracle on 34th Street


6. It’s a Wonderful Life (George lassos the moon!)


AND…. The Holiday and Family Stone



I have luckily gotten the chance to watch all of these this year and I have to say they have made my holiday much more festive. I hope that you’ve been able to take some time to see your favorites and if you haven’t I think you need to add it to your to do list. Because, I mean why not?

Lots of love,




Christmas Carols.

“On the eighth day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Eight Maids a Milking, Seven Swans a Swimming, Six Geese a Laying, Five Golden Rings, Four Calling Birds, Three French Hens, Two Turtle Doves, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree”…AND I give to you my favorite Christmas Carols (for this season at least).


Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas- Sam Smith

Blue Christmas- Elvis Presly

Let It Snow- Michael Buble

All I Want For Christmas- Mariah Carey (also please notice the play views on this video….)

Silent Night- Bing Crosby

Hark the Herald Angels sing- St.Paul’s Cathedral – London (UK)

And there you have it, my top 6 Christmas songs this year that I basically have on repeat.
If you are in spotify you should check out Fireside Songs it’s a great mix of Christmas songs and… Christmas ‘vibe’ songs.

Cheers and happy listening!

Piñon Pine

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‘On the seventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Seven Swans a Swimming, Six Geese a Laying, Five Golden Rings, Four Calling Birds, Three French Hens, Two Turtle Doves and a Partridge in a Pear Tree’…AND I give to you Christmas fireplaces full of piñon wood.


Oh, and a only the most purrfect cat ever on the fireplace mantel. What?! I was so pleased with myself when I captured this shot. But, back to my main message. Piñon wood, or more precisely Piñon Pine is New Mexico’s state tree and piñon nuts are just totally delisious. My favorite thing though is the way it smells when you burn it – it’s Santa Fe’s signature winter smell and walking through our snowy, winding, almost non-American streets in the winter, this smell is just magical. It just seals the deal if you know what I mean. If you ever hear any reference to Santa Fe’s smell you can bet your money that it’s burning piñon wood. 

Here’s my favorite holiday dessert with piñon nuts.

Here’s my favorite way to ‘burn’ piñon in the summer time. 

So, a big Christmas cheers to you all and I wish you were right here with me in my living room so you could smell the smell of Santa Fe and… so you could meet the best cat of my life.




Christmas kindness.


‘On the Sixth day of Christmas my true love sent to me, Six Geese-a-Laying, Five Golden Rings, Four Calling Birds, Three French Hens, Two Turtle Doves and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.’ … AND I give to you the idea (and action) of Christmas Kindness.

You heard me, Christmas Kindness. Here’s the thing, I love gift giving. I love receiving gifts and I also really love giving them. I’m a gift person. A gift can be a kind word on a sticky note, flowers, or one my favorites- food. They don’t have to be huge things like jewelry, expensive candles or knick-knacks… – they just have to be thoughtful. My favorite feeling in the world is that of thoughtfulness when I know someone thought of me or the feeling I get when doing something nice for someone else.

Christmas cards have been my ‘gift’ this holiday season and I have so enjoyed making them, decorating them, filling them with quotes and love to friends, family to anyone who wanted one! Today, when I was writing a few more and snacking on some very thoughtfully gifted Christmas Chocolate Crinkle cookies…. I just felt content.

I wanted to encourage you to act on your own version of Christmas Kindness -whatever that is. It could be wrapped up in fancy wrapping paper, inviting someone over for a drink or food- or it could just be letting someone know your thinking of them and love them. Just do it!!!!

I promise the outcome is just buzz/high feeling of love!

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” -Hamilton Wright Mabie




christmas cheer.

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‘On the fourth day of Christmas my true love sent to me – Four Calling Birds, Three French Hens, Two Turtle Doves
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree…AND I give to you Christmas in my neighborhood.’

One of my favorite things about Santa Fe is the way it feels at the holidays. Christmas time of course being my favorite. We took a walk around the neighborhood and I just had to take a few pictures of the decorations we saw. I just love that Santa Fe decorates for Christmas in very subtle ways – where I’m from (southern NM) people go all out with lights and blow up things in the front yard. Santa Fe – not so much. In Santa Fe they do wreaths.

Here are a few shots of some Christmas cheer from my neighborhood to yours.

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9 times out of 10 there is a world war going on in my head. Sounds intense right? Well, it is and today I feel defeated. Trying to remind myself to live in the present, to breathe, to just be. It’s hard, life is so murky sometimes it’s hard to out run the ammunition of my mind to focus on the beauty of now. I guess that’s what makes achievement so sweet – the struggle it took to get there. Sigh.